A Sweet Peppermint Smoothie – Super yummy and good for your tummy!

Have a very pepperminty holiday! Peppermint goes with¬†Christmas the way Pimm’s goes with a hot summer day. Candy canes and peppermint bark flood holiday tables and Pinterest boards.. But there’s a lot more to peppermint than a jolly good filling in your chocolate biscuit; there’s oodles of goodness for your body too! This delicious smoothie […]

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Drink In The Holidays with our fantastic 12 Smoothies of Christmas!

  OH CHRISTMAS TREE, HOW YUMMY ARE THY BRANCHES! This December is promising to be the most outstanding and delicious yet on The Gluten Free Lifesaver! I have a whole bunch of mouth-watering recipes lined up for you, and to kick it all off we are giving you this fantastic advent calendar jam-packed with healthy […]

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