A coeliac grief..

.. At that point I wish they literally would have to eat their words! :)


If only I could make them eat their words!😉

This one goes out to the know-it-alls..

gluten-free giggles

Buy their opinions; buy their lives! 



It’s an inside story..

Gluten Free Giggles (photo: Pinterest)


Gluten-Free Giggles (image source)

Gluten-Free Hansel & Gretel..

(image source)

 Everyone’s adapting to their coeliac audience these days..

 (image source)

Dramatic parents..


Food allergy cartoon (image source)

What are your thoughts on school regulations for common allergy foods?


..Buns of steel?

Gluten Free Giggles on The Gluten Free Lifesaver every Wednesday


Can I have both?

(image from Two Silly Sisters’ Facebook page)

Yes please!

hey girl gluten free Ryan Gosling

Oh Mr Gosling, you shouldn’t have❤❤❤

THAT question!

Gluten Free Giggles on The Gluten Free Lifesaver every Wednesday



Oh Gwynnie..

Gwyneth Palthrow Gluten-free




Ryan lends a helping hand..

hey girl gluten-free Ryan Gosling

 Another Wednesday, another Gluten Free Gosling😉

Hello Square One!

The Gluten Free LIfesaver's Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

 I can so relate to that feeling! But alas, for as long as there’s gluten in the world, sometimes this will happen.


“Wednesdays are like Mondays in the middle of the week”

Gluten Memes

We’ve all been there..

..I so wanna do this!



I so wanna do this when a perfectly good meal is suddenly spoiled by someones thoughtlessness.

I was hungry dammit..!



Don’t even get me started on Christmas!


Another Wednesday, another joke

-Don’t even get me started on Christmas.. Families with food allergies (and the likes) need funding in my opinion.

A lifetime on the lips..


The Gluten Free Lifesavers Wednesday Pick-Me-Up!

Laxative opinions..


It’s that time again. Wednesday blues, when the weekend is just as far away on both ends. Hopefully this’ll get you through until tomorrows awesome post🙂

The Gluten Free Lifesavers Wednesday Pick-Me-Up!


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