Top Ten 80’s Hits Made Gluten-Free

Iv’e been listening to a lot of 80’s music lately. It’s been buzzing along in the background as I’ve been working, and last night I started dreaming up gluten-free versions of the songs I kept hearing. Call it a stress reaction, call it an overload of old hits, call it what you want. But the result is a barrel of laughsπŸ™‚

For your enjoyment, here are my Top Ten 80’s Hits made Gluten-Free!

Funny!!! Top Ten 80's Hits made Gluten-Free ! #glutenfree #celiac #coeliac #paleo #meme #80's #joke #hits #music

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Gluten-Free “Flours” just for laughs

Coeliacs disease, the new hayfever


(..actually, if those were GF they’d cost more than roses)

Gluten Free Food Tour Adelaide

Gluten Free Food tour of Adelaide

Adelaide has plenty to offer gluten-free eaters!

It is said that one should eat well and travel often. I certainly do both, and I’m not alone. Read More

Finally our very own Certified Gluten Free Meat Pie – HOT and Ready To Eat!! (Plus a yummy pie giveaway!)

Gluten Free HOT pie!

“I don’t want to spend my life not having good foodΒ go
into my pie hole. That hole was meant for pies!” -Paula Deen Read More

Happy Coeliac Awareness Week Australia; May this week inspire action!

Raise Coeliac Awareness - Coeliac Awareness Week 13-20th February

Tomorrow marks the start of Β Coeliac Awareness Week here in Australia.
I’ve collected some fantastic tips for how you can contribute,
and you can select from a bunch of awesome banners to download
and use as you please to show your support! Read More

A coeliac grief..

.. At that point I wish they literally would have to eat their words! :)


If only I could make them eat their words!πŸ˜‰

This one goes out to the know-it-alls..

gluten-free giggles

Buy their opinions; buy their lives!Β 



It’s an inside story..

Gluten Free Giggles (photo: Pinterest)


Gluten-Free Giggles (image source)

A collection of FANTASTIC fun Gluten-Free Christmas Stories!

Sprue Stories: The Christmas Edition

In the midst of Christmas’ cross-contamination frenzy and gluten-laden temptations, Molly from “Sprue Story” puts a wonderfully humorous gluten-free twist on the old classics. I absolutely adore her creativity and talent!

Please enjoy:

Sprue Stories: The Christmas Edition.

The Very Best Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies! (dairy-free & egg-free option)

The Very Best Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies! Scandinavian recipe with dairy-free and egg-free recipe options! #glutenfree #christmas #dairyfree #vegan #cookies

No Christmas without gingerbread..

Β ..and a really truly great recipe is a must!

Gingerbread really is the flavour of the season. Shops are full of it, cafe’s are full of it, even your favourite coffee’s full of it these days.Β 

If you don’t mindΒ I’d like to strip it back to basics. Back to my grandmas amazing and ever-perfect Christmas-only gingerbread cookies.Β In fact, I’mΒ gonna let you in on a little secret; namely the very best gingerbread cookie recipe on the planet!Β My grandma made it with oodles of gluten of course, but I’ve deglutenefied it and I cannot tell the difference in the slightest. They are absolutely perfect! Read More

Peppernuts – A yummy gluten free take on gingerbread!


We call them “PeppernΓΈtter” which means peppernuts. They contain pepper and they’re shaped like nuts, so why not. Read More

Gluten-Free Hansel & Gretel..

(image source)

Β Everyone’s adapting to their coeliac audience these days..

Β (image source)

The Gluten Free Lifesaver’s 1 Year Anniversary Jumbo Giveaway!!

The Gluten Free Lifesaver's Birthday Jumbo Giveaway!

The Gluten Free Lifesaver’s Birthday Jumbo Giveaway!

Thank Heavens – The Gluten Free Lifesaver is 1 year this December, and we’re celebrating by giving away a JUMBO box full of Gluten Free Goodies to our fantastic followers! Read More

Dramatic parents..


Food allergy cartoon (image source)

What are your thoughts on school regulations for common allergy foods?


A Very Very Chocolate and Creamy Caramel Moment..

Gluten Free Chocolate Sauce

If there’s no chocolate in heaven, I’m not going! Read More

Yes please!

hey girl gluten free Ryan Gosling

Oh Mr Gosling, you shouldn’t have❀❀❀

Life is Saucy with Itha’s Gluten Free Gourmet Sauces! (Product Review)

itha's puddings and gourmet sauces review


Just add some sauce to your life Read More

THAT question!

Gluten Free Giggles on The Gluten Free Lifesaver every Wednesday


Β Grr..

Yoga For Digestion – Exercises that relieve bloating and pain

The Gluten Free Lifesavers' Yoga For Digestion

Relieve bloating, wind, stomach pain and poor digestion with these simple exercises! Read More

Oh Gwynnie..

Gwyneth Palthrow Gluten-free




Ryan lends a helping hand..

hey girl gluten-free Ryan Gosling

Β Another Wednesday, another Gluten Free GoslingπŸ˜‰

Another Natural, Chemical-Free, Gluten-Free Sunscreen!

Chemical Free Sun Protection!

(image source)

Sunscreen is probably the most difficult thing to find a decent natural alternative for.
I’ve written a review of Invisible Zink previously, and now it’s time for another alternative.

Most sunscreens, although totally necessary, contain a cocktail of chemicals,Β parabens, perfumes and preservatives. The big question is as always:Β how can I get broad spectrum high protection without all the gunk? Read More

Hello Square One!

The Gluten Free LIfesaver's Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Β I can so relate to that feeling! But alas, for as long as there’s gluten in the world, sometimes this will happen.


“Wednesdays are like Mondays in the middle of the week”

Gluten Memes

We’ve all been there..

ThΓ©rΓ¨se’s Story – A Real Coeliac Journey

Therese's coeliac story

(main image source)

A while ago I received an email from a lady named Thérèse, asking me to share her story with my readers. This is not a common occurrence, but after reading about her journey I really wanted to pass it on to you guys. Read More

..I so wanna do this!



I so wanna do this when a perfectly good meal is suddenly spoiled by someones thoughtlessness.

I was hungry dammit..!



Very excited to be Blogger of the Month in “The Modern Womans Survival Guide”!

Blogger Of The Month - Kristine from The Gluten Free Lifesaver

(logo is property of

Can you believe it?

I’m not sure I can! I certainly consider it a grand complement and a great privilege to be featured as Blogger Of The Month in such an acclaimed and brilliantly successful online magazine as The Modern Womans Survival Guide. I can’t believe they picked me out of all the talented and wonderful bloggers out there, and I’m humbled by the opportunity to share my story with their readers! Read More

Don’t even get me started on Christmas!


Another Wednesday, another joke

-Don’t even get me started on Christmas.. Families with food allergies (and the likes) need funding in my opinion.

All Natural, Chemical-Free, Gluten-Free Sunscreen!

Being on a complete elimination diet and living in sunny Australia poses one giant conundrum; sun protection.

Most sunscreens, although totally necessary, contain a cocktail of chemicals, parabens, perfumes and preservatives. How can I get broad spectrum high protection without all the gunk? Read More

A lifetime on the lips..


The Gluten Free Lifesavers Wednesday Pick-Me-Up!

Happy National Celiac Awareness Day USA!

Happy Celiac Awareness Day USA 09.13.2013

Even though every day should be a celebration of celiac awareness, the official Celiac Awareness Days around the worldΒ are possibly the very best opportunity we have to help the world understand more about the disease, and push development in the right direction. Although we all do our bit to raise awareness every day by informing our surroundings, today is the day we can go that extra mile and leave a decent footprint! Read More

Laxative opinions..


It’s that time again. Wednesday blues, when the weekend is just as far away on both ends.Β Hopefully this’ll get you through until tomorrows awesome postπŸ™‚

The Gluten Free Lifesavers Wednesday Pick-Me-Up!


Secret weapon..



Gluten Free Expo in Sydney – Come Say Hi To Me!

Gluten Free Expo Syndey - Come Say Hi To Me!

Come say HI to me at the Sydney Gluten Free Expo this weekend 30th/31st August!

I’ll be the one in the silly (but awesome!) Thank Heavens’ T-shirtπŸ™‚

Can’t wait to meet you!


Ice Cream Sandwiches to Melt Your Heart.. and a cherry on top!

Cherry Ripe Ice Cream Sandwiches

“I want to do to you what spring does to cherry trees..”
(Pablo Neruda) Read More

Work Smart Not Hard – Cheat Your Way to an Impressive Lemon Meringue Pie!

Quick & Easy Lemon Meringue Pie

Last week was declared “pie week” on the Great Australian Bake Off, and nothing could be more Aussie than a good old pie! Just don’t tell an American that.Β  Read More

Awesome post by Amanda: Getting Glutened – The Reality

This is info that we can’t say enough times, and the photo literally says more than a thousand words!

Getting Glutened: The Reality.


A little birdie told me…


…that if you follow Thank Heavens on Twitter and Instagram you’ll see things that never reaches the blog. Such as instant restaurant and product tweets, really cool info that I happen to come across, and the odd picture of something awesomely glutenfree -like that insanely delicious chocolate mud cake!


TeaCupCakes, a Mad Hatter dash and Super-Cute Giveaways!


Mother-in-law popped by for a quick dinner-and-dessert visit yesterday, and I thought I’d bake something. I have become “that one who bakes”. I used the to be “that one who brings the fun” and now I bring cake. Not that cake isn’t fun. Just very different fun. Read More

Celiac Disease and Migraines

Useful infoΒ and worth checking out!

Celiac Disease and Migraines.

A Cool Tool for you! (and giveaways)

wallet restaurant cards

I got glutened last week. Again!Β And again it happened after what seemed like an endless conversation about pitfalls, followed by nodding and quite convincing agreeance. Never the less, somewhere between waitress and chef the message got lost. Why must it be so hard? Read More

Funky Tools and Sassy Tuna

Tuna steak with curly sweet potato fries and gluten-free lamb sausages

I’m having a sleepy day. I went to bed sleepy (naturally), woke up sleepy, and now I’m contemplating duct taping my eyelids open. Read More

Norwegian Meatballs (that will leave you wondering why you ever ate the Swedish ones..)

At 00.50 tonight my parents will be touching down on Australian soil for the first time ever. They’re mid-air as we speak, and no doubt dreaming of sunny days and never-ending beaches in the magical land of Oz. Read More

Be My Valentine : A True Treat From The Heart!



Love love love, is said to be all you need. I however, also need chocolate.. Read More

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