Yoga For Digestion – Exercises that relieve bloating and pain

The Gluten Free Lifesavers' Yoga For Digestion

Relieve bloating, wind, stomach pain and poor digestion with these simple exercises! Read More

Gluten Free Expo in Sydney – Come Say Hi To Me!

Gluten Free Expo Syndey - Come Say Hi To Me!

Come say HI to me at the Sydney Gluten Free Expo this weekend 30th/31st August!

I’ll be the one in the silly (but awesome!) Thank Heavens’ T-shirt🙂

Can’t wait to meet you!


Awesome post by Amanda: Getting Glutened – The Reality

This is info that we can’t say enough times, and the photo literally says more than a thousand words!

Getting Glutened: The Reality.


A little birdie told me…


…that if you follow Thank Heavens on Twitter and Instagram you’ll see things that never reaches the blog. Such as instant restaurant and product tweets, really cool info that I happen to come across, and the odd picture of something awesomely glutenfree -like that insanely delicious chocolate mud cake!


A Cool Tool for you! (and giveaways)

wallet restaurant cards

I got glutened last week. Again! And again it happened after what seemed like an endless conversation about pitfalls, followed by nodding and quite convincing agreeance. Never the less, somewhere between waitress and chef the message got lost. Why must it be so hard? Read More

Awesome!! Sprue Stories: The Fairy-Tale Edition

Sprue Stories: The Fairy-Tale Edition.

I absolutely LOVE this! How clever is this blogger!

Probably the best positive take on coeliacs I’ve seen. Ever.

Mix Your Own Gluten Free Flour -Learn How With This Easy (and awesome) Guide!

The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Flour Mixing! #celiac #coeliac #glutenfree #grainfreeEver wished you had a little Gluten Free baking genie to turn to in the flour department?

Read More

A delightful perspective on a Gluten Free lifestyle!

GlutenFreeGus has made an absolutely delightful list of Gluten Free positives! I adore🙂

Top Ten Reasons To Go Gluten Free.

5 Good Things about Celiac Disease

Thought I’d share this really rather cool post from Amanda at Celiac and Allergy Adventures. Read More

Really? Gluten in regular coffee? Check it out!


(photo credits

Could we really be drinking gluten every day?

I’m not a fan of spreading fear, and I don’t want you choking on your coffee right now. I do however believe in making information available so that each of us can form our own opinion. And why shouldn’t gluten find its way into my coffee? After all, it does have an uncanny way of popping up in the most inconvenient of places.. Read More

Thumbs up to Glutafin!


(Photo from

I just want to mention that back in the UK I received a lovely heaping hamper of really rather decent gluten-free products from a company called Glutafin. For no special reason other than being a newly diagnosed coeliac! Read More

Keep a herb garden

herb garden

Keep a herb garden, it’s a very good idea. Sure the watering will drive you crazy, but you can pop out and collect fresh, flavorful herbs at any time for any meal.

I use it in hot food, salads, breads, drinks, desserts, decoration, you name it.

Not only will herbs lift the flavor of whatever you’re cooking, it will probably also lift your health. And maybe your mood. It works for me🙂 Read More

Pasta, not porrige

GF pasta

Just thought I’d mention that I found a good pasta brand.

I hate mushy, soggy, wet and overcooked pasta. Pasta that swells up and fills the pot, disappears through the strainer and dissolves when you try to stab at it with your fork.

San Remo does it better. I really like their fettuccine. Al dente, at last.

This is what I keep in my car

car kit

Every GF needs a good car kit. I think so anyway.

My car kit contains the following: Read More

Going somewhere?


I’ve fallen in love with Stayfit’s Ez-freeze line of food containers. Fresh food anywhere!  Read More

You need one!

The fantastic toaster bag

Ah the toaster bag, what a brilliant invention! I can now have toast wherever I go. Read More

Hands down the best marshmallows I’ve ever tasted!

Airports (something I see a lot of) are usually a no-can-do for GF treats. In fact, travelling Sydney-Gold Coast today I couldn’t even track down GF lozenges, let alone anything edible. However, last week I had a little moment of thrill in newly renovated Auckland International, as I came across a tiny treasure of a lolly shop called Bennetts of Mangawhai. Read More

A Gluten-Free Survival Kit



I like kits. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the kit Queen. Anything that comes in small sizes and that can be organized into compartments; I’m on it. Read More

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