Did You Try One of My Recipes? Get Featured on The Gluten Free Lifesaver!

Did you try one of my recipes? Get featured on the blog! #glutenfree

Your creation deserves some attention! So many of you send me wonderful emails telling me stories about when you tried one of my recipes. Be it successes or learning experiences, they are all awesome and worthy of sharing!

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Norwegian Meatballs (that will leave you wondering why you ever ate the Swedish ones..)

At 00.50 tonight my parents will be touching down on Australian soil for the first time ever. They’re mid-air as we speak, and no doubt dreaming of sunny days and never-ending beaches in the magical land of Oz.

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I D&RE say I’m in Love..!

Oh glory, I have found love.. In a wonderful world, far, far away in my wildest dreams, I can pop into a random cafe and pick anything off the menu. I might even have a cold beer with my meal! In my wildest dreams, right? Nope. Not any more!

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“Oh-so-easy” chocolate xmas no-bake nibbles

    You want chocolate divinity, and you want it quick and easy? Behold, I give you bubble balls!

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Peppernuts – A yummy take on gingerbread

We call them “Peppernøtter” which means peppernuts. They contain pepper and they’re shaped like nuts, so why not.

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Keep a herb garden

Keep a herb garden, it’s a very good idea. Sure the watering will drive you crazy, but you can pop out and collect fresh, flavorful herbs at any time for any meal. I use it in hot food, salads, breads, drinks, desserts, decoration, you name it. Not only will herbs lift the flavor of whatever […]

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Pasta, not porrige

Just thought I’d mention that I found a good pasta brand. I hate mushy, soggy, wet and overcooked pasta. Pasta that swells up and fills the pot, disappears through the strainer and dissolves when you try to stab at it with your fork. San Remo does it better. I really like their fettuccine. Al dente, at […]

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This is what I keep in my car

Every GF needs a good car kit. I think so anyway. My car kit contains the following:

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You need one!

Ah the toaster bag, what a brilliant invention! I can now have toast wherever I go.

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