Gluten-free, allergy-friendly and “healthier” sweets; Who can we trust?

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Sweets for my sweet..

It is not always easy for children (or adults for that matter) with sensitivities and allergies to feel “normal”. A lot of our sense of belonging stems from participation in activities along with our peers, and food plays a huge role in most social gatherings. For children especially, the sense of identity and self-worth is formed hugely based on belonging, and belonging often comes from being able to do what others do, have what others have, and of course eat the same things their friends eat. Lollies are no exception, and although it may sound silly, sweets do play a big role in children’s social sphere. After all, they are a part of almost every social setting where children are involved.

So how do we give our kids lollies that make them feel included, but at the same time keep them safe? Who can we trust? Take a look at this list..

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Dramatic parents..


Food allergy cartoon (image source)

What are your thoughts on school regulations for common allergy foods?


Thérèse’s Story – A Real Coeliac Journey

Therese's coeliac story

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A while ago I received an email from a lady named Thérèse, asking me to share her story with my readers. This is not a common occurrence, but after reading about her journey I really wanted to pass it on to you guys. Read More

Laxative opinions..


It’s that time again. Wednesday blues, when the weekend is just as far away on both ends. Hopefully this’ll get you through until tomorrows awesome post🙂

The Gluten Free Lifesavers Wednesday Pick-Me-Up!


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A little birdie told me…


…that if you follow Thank Heavens on Twitter and Instagram you’ll see things that never reaches the blog. Such as instant restaurant and product tweets, really cool info that I happen to come across, and the odd picture of something awesomely glutenfree -like that insanely delicious chocolate mud cake!


Celiac Disease and Migraines

Useful info and worth checking out!

Celiac Disease and Migraines.

A delightful perspective on a Gluten Free lifestyle!

GlutenFreeGus has made an absolutely delightful list of Gluten Free positives! I adore🙂

Top Ten Reasons To Go Gluten Free.

5 Good Things about Celiac Disease

Thought I’d share this really rather cool post from Amanda at Celiac and Allergy Adventures. Read More

Make a statement with the surprisingly simple Norwegian Tower Cake – Only 3 ingredients!

photoIt comes in many shapes and sizes, and every family gives it their own twist. You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll bump into one version or another if you ever visit Norway, know a Norwegian or if you should happen to come across any Norwegian festivity.

Tower Cake looks rather impressive and tastes even better. It is however surprisingly easy to make!

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The Very Best Gingerbread Cookies!

The Very Best Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies! Scandinavian recipe with dairy-free and egg-free recipe options! #glutenfree #christmas #dairyfree #vegan #cookies


No Christmas without gingerbread, or “pepperkake” as they’re called back home. Read More

Going somewhere?


I’ve fallen in love with Stayfit’s Ez-freeze line of food containers. Fresh food anywhere!  Read More

You need one!

The fantastic toaster bag

Ah the toaster bag, what a brilliant invention! I can now have toast wherever I go. Read More

Not impressed in Byron Bay



Nothing bugs me more than when self-proclaimed GF friendly restaurants fail to comply with their own promises. Read More

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