Foam Rolling Is The Solution – For Both Active And Inactive Bodies!

Do you recognise any of these symptoms? Muscle soreness? Reduced physical function? Poor posture? Reduce range of motion (ROM)? Weakness or stiffness? Joint stress? Then I suggest you read on!

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Bubblebutt or “thutt”? The office-effect and how to curb it!

Written by Nick L. O. Pfeffer B.EX CEPS (bio at bottom of post) Thutts galore! I know many of you are in my shoes; you spend hours on end in sedentary jobs, and you find it hard to keep your motivation and energy up to hit the gym after a long day at work. We […]

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Can the Paleo Diet fix autoimmune disease?

Written by Nick L. Pfeffer B.EX CEPS  (bio at bottom of post) Some claim that the paleolithic diet is the solution to a vast range of ailments; from obesity to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and even autoimmune disorders. Have they really found the answer?

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