Meet Nick, our health expert

Nick L. Pfeffer B.EX CEPS We are very lucky to have the wonderful Nick L. Pfeffer B.EX CEPS onboard, as our very own health and fitness expert! Nick is on the ready to dig up new and exciting research in the fields of health and nutrition, to bring us the best of movement strategies, and to quality check health information that we provide on our sites.

When he is not busy being The Gluten Free Lifesaver’s health- and fitness expert, Nick works as a Clinical Specialist for a large international medical company within the cardiology sector, specialising in cardiac electrophysiology.

Nick is more than well-equipped to provide us with relevant quality content. In addition to over a decade working as a Cardiac Scientist, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Masters Degree in Cardiac Electrophysiology, as well as a diploma in health and nutrition from the Australian Institute of Fitness. He is also a certified Master Trainer, and has a solid background in competitive sports; ranging from rugby to white water rafting.

Nick passionately pursues crossfit, loves the outdoors, and has a keen interest in all things exercise. He loves to explore topics on the correlation between health and nutrition, and he is also our expert on men’s health. -I also happen to know from experience that he makes an excellent guinea pig for new gluten-free recipes (perk!)

Naturally, Nick is devoted to a gluten-free lifestyle. He has been GF since 2012, so he certainly knows what a gluten-free lifestyle entails!

We are absolutely thrilled to have him onboard!

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