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2 Comments on “Let’s Hang Out on Social Media!”

  1. Hi Kristine, really enjoy your blog and at last looking forward to baking bread. I’m relatively to computing, this is a first! Btw I’m a coeliac and miss my bread. I bought almost all ingredients today, except for sorghum flour! Is there an alternative? I hope you receive this email 😀 o nearly forgot-coul you please give me measurements of baking pan? Looking forward to trying your recipe. Thank you for your help and recipes too
    Regards, Pauly


    • Hi Paul, thanks so much for reading the blog 🙂 Sorghum has quite unique qualities, and the best substitute might be a mix of millet and amaranth flour. That should give you a similar protein/starch ratio. If you have trouble finding those, you could make a mix of soy flour and corn starch a “last resort”. For the loaf, just use a medium sized bread pan, about 1,5 liter (up to 2 l) or even divide it into muffin trays to make rolls. I hope that helps, and that you’ll enjoy the bread! All the best, Kristine


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