The World’s Best Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread Recipe!

I know what you’re thinking: “I miss proper bread!”

Bread is the number one item on most coeliac’s list of things they most miss. A soft, high-rising slice of sandwich bread that doesn’t crumble into oblivion, needn’t be stored in the freezer, and can be eaten without resuscitation by toaster!

In the years I’ve run The Gluten Free Lifesaver, the most frequently asked question I receive over and over again is for a good -no great, bread recipe. I have held back a bit, knowing how incredibly important this is, until I managed to finally succeed in making a loaf fo bread that without a doubt is the best I have come across. And this is it -this is the one!

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Must read: A compelling article from The New Yorker; A woman’s winning battle with Autoimmune Disease


Image source: Anna and Elena Balbusso via

What’s Wrong with Me? -I had an autoimmune disease. Then the disease had me.

When I read this gripping and strikingly familiar article by Megan O’Rourke from The New Yorker, I relived my own story almost to a fault. It describes her own struggle with autoimmune disease, from a compellingly personal perspective -one which leaves no room for argument over the reality of autoimmune disease. Read More

Want your post to be seen by 100 000 new people?

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Chocolate dipped Strawberries with almonds and mini-marshmallows; A Delicious Break from the Rich Holiday Food!

Fancy a little holiday for your tummy?

Try dipping fresh strawberries in melted chocolate, and covering them in flaked almonds and mini-marshmallows!

The bright red and green makes for a wonderful festive colour palette, but your tummy won’t have to fight a loosing battle with fats and sugars. This treat really satisfies both the eye, the tummy and indeed the body! Read More

Oh Christmas Tree.. A Frozen Christmas Tree Cocktail Extravaganza!

Time to celebrate!

And so it’s finally here; Christmas Eve, in all its glory!

In between fruitcake and eggnog, a fresh, light and frosty drink might hit just the spot! Read More

Quick & Easy Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Bark to please the gluten-free Sweet tooth!

Fancy a quick and easy treat?

Perhaps something sweet with a little touch of salty?
Got more candy canes than you can shake a stick at?

Whip up this super yummy dark chocolate peppermint pretzel bark, and satisfy that craving!

This incredibly tasty treat literally takes minutes to make, and it is beyond moreish.. One bite and you’ll be well and truly hooked! Read More

Luscious and Rich Christmas Plum Pudding Smoothie; A Right Royal Treat!

The Crown Jewel of all Smoothies!

Christmas is a time for celebration, a time for decadence and for luscious delights. The traditional Christmas (or plum) Pudding represents all that Christmas is about, with its lush flavours and rich ingredients. This is not a time to hold back, but one to really truly enjoy the most wonderful of treats!

To represent this sentiment, we have our very decadent Plum Pudding Smoothie. Personally I think it ticks all the boxes for indulgent holiday treat, but that’s not to say it leaves your healthy conscience with a blot; this royal treat of a smoothie will leave your tastebuds satisfied, and your body fulfilled! Read More

Nigella’s Christmas Puddini Bon-Bons; Made From Decadent Chocolate Christmas Cake

It’ a holly jolly holiday..

If you haven’t already, I sincerely think  it’s time we all started dreaming of sleigh bells, mistletoe, time with the family, and of course all that Nigella's Christmas Puddini Bon-bons made with Decadent Chocolate Christmas Cake ; Gluten-free! #cake #christmas #glutenfreedelicious, fantastic, delightful Christmas food!

If there was ever a treat to lust for this holiday season, it would without a doubt be Nigella’s Christmas Puddini Bon-bons. Nigella’s bon-bons are rich and decadent to the last bite, cute and delectable to look at, and very Merry Christmassy!

The good news is that they are as easy to whip up as they are tasty to eat. If you have some Christmas cake or Christmas pudding leftovers, you can whip this decadent treat up in no-time! Read More

Quick-Fix Scandinavian Toffee Biscuits for Gluten-Free Vegan Cookie-Lovers On The Run..

A Scandinavian Christmas classic, that is as easy to make as it is moreish!

This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, egg-free and dairy-free
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A Sweet Peppermint Smoothie – Super yummy and good for your tummy!

Have a very pepperminty holiday!

Peppermint goes with Christmas the way Pimm’s goes with a hot summer day. Candy canes and peppermint bark flood holiday tables and Pinterest boards..

But there’s a lot more to peppermint than a jolly good filling in your chocolate biscuit; there’s oodles of goodness for your body too!

This delicious smoothie is not only gluten-free and dairy-free, but sugar-free, paleo, low-FODMAP and vegan as well!
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Caramel Pudding -The Ultimate Norwegian Christmas Dessert (Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free)

My grandma used to be the undefeated boss of Caramel Pudding. Her trained hands would twirl the molten sugar around the pan effortlessly, never burning a finger. Her pudding always came out flawless, velvety and golden, and always abundant.

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Festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cake Bites

These gorgeous little Christmas Cake Bites are a fun and decorative alternative to the traditional Christmas Cake! Perfect for parties (or portion control), these little pieces of festive fun are sure to be a great success! Read More

A Frosty Tasty Eggnog Smoothie; Just as good -only healthier!

Eggnog is a staple in many homes during the holidays, and we couldn’t possible make a Christmas Smoothie Calendar without it!

This frosty version cuts out the heavy cream and the alcohol, though keeping the well-known and loved festive flavour. We’re even adding some fantastic nutritional benefits! Read More

Decadent and Moist Dark Chocolate Christmas Cake with a Scandinavian Twist!

If you’re making a cake this Christmas; make it this one!

This cake is to die for! Being Scandinavian I was never accustomed to the fruity and dense Christmas cakes and puddings that have found their way down to Australia from Britain. They are an acquired taste, although they certainly represent all that Christmas is about. Having grown up with light and fluffy Scandinavian desserts, I struggled to adapt to the richness of the traditional English desserts. So instead I found a way to adapt it to the Scandinavian taste! Read More

Heavenly Christmas Trifle; Layers and Layers of Delectable Deliciousness!

 “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
-Norman Vincent Peale

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The Must-Have Mulled Wine Smoothie!

There’s nothing that gets me in the holiday spirit quite as much as a lovely cup of mulled wine! Here’s the old holiday classic made cold and smooth, in a few very quick and easy steps. Read More

Festive Gluten-Free Recipes Every Day until Christmas!!

Visit the blog any day until Christmas, and find a new exciting and
delicious recipe fresh on the blog that day!

We’re celebrating in style this December!

Enjoy! 🙂

“Oh-so-easy” Gluten-free 5-minute Chocolate Christmas No-bake Nibbles!

You want chocolate divinity, and you want it quick and easy? Behold, I give you Chocolate Rice Bubble Nibbles!

Nothing can possibly be easier. Nothing this tasty anyway. You can whip’em up in five minutes, you can make them with kids, you can give them away.. You name it, these chocolate treats deliver!

In Norway these are a bit of a classic. They are served at children’s birthday parties, gatherings, and of course Christmas. We just love them; and what’s not to love? Read More

Gluten-Free Vanilla Cream Cakes filled with Custard Cream and Red Currants

Please forgive me for introducing these to you.. I take no responsibility for the over-eating that may occur as a result. Read More

Moist Gluten-free Norwegian Christmas Cake; Vanilla and Light Citrus with almonds and dried blueberries

Best cake ever!

One of my favourite Norwegian Christmas Cakes is one called “Mor Monsen” which actually translates to “mother Monsen”. Whoever Mrs Monsen was, she sure left a fantastic recipe behind!

This seasonal staple is baked in an oven tray, then cut into little squares or diamond-shaped pieces. It is jam-packed with eggs, and has a dark vivid yellow colour. It may be a cake, but all those eggs bring with them incredible nutritional value! This wonderfully golden cake tastes rich but light, with a hint of citrus and almond; such a beautiful cake that you can easily get addicted to! Read More

Why Not Make a Sparkling Snow Globe This Christmas?

I love a beautiful snow globe, and they are so easy to make yourself!

All you need is a mason jar, glue, artificial snow and some glitter, and an ornament to put inside the jar. I used Christmas trees in my snow globe, but you can use pretty much anything! Read More

The Gingerbread Man Smoothie: Protein-packed, Immune-Boosting and Delicious!

Here’s a healthy, yet very tasty, version of the old classic!

You really can’t get past the Gingerbread Man in a collection of Christmas smoothies; it just goes without saying. No Christmas without gingerbread!

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Holly Jolly Cocktail made with Homemade Christmas Spice infused Vodka

This wonderful little drink puts the jolly into any Christmas party!

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Festive Gluten-Free Raspberry and Pecan Brownies; So Delicious!!

Of course brownies can be festive!

These awesome raspberry and pecan brownies for example, are super festive!

(includes dairy-free and low-FODMAP recipe options) Read More

A Smooth Twist on a Winter Classic: The Hot Chocolate Smoothie (yes, it’s warm!)

Who doesn’t love a hot chocolate? I certainly do!

..But what if you’d like less calories and more nutrients? Only with the same yummy chocolatey flavour of course.. can it be done? I’m here to tell you; Yes It Can!

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Fantastic Christmas Spice Infused Vodka with Cranberries – Sure to Warm The Cockles!

It hardly matters where you use them; there are certain spices that truly bring on that Christmas feeling! As the house fills with scents of cloves, cinnamon and ginger, you know that the jolly season is just around the corner! Read More

We have a winner!

Thank you everyone for participating in the big Sweet William Chocolate Hamper Giveaway  -The participation really was overwhelming! I guess we all love chocolate 🙂 Read More

A Very Tempting Snowball Smoothie – That Won’t Put You On The Naughty List!

Let’s make snowballs!

It looks like a guilty milkshake, and it tastes every bit as naughty as it looks. -But this treat won’t put you on the naughty list!

This smoothie is not only delicious, it has no added sugar, it’s low FODMAP, dairy-free, paleo and if made with fresh coconut, also raw! Read More

The Very Best Gluten Free Gingerbread Cookies! (dairy-free & egg-free option)

No Christmas without gingerbread..

 ..and a really truly great recipe is a must!

Gingerbread really is the flavour of the season. Shops are full of it, cafe’s are full of it, even your favourite coffee’s full of it these days. 

If you don’t mind I’d like to strip it back to basics. Back to my grandmas amazing and ever-perfect Christmas-only gingerbread cookies. In fact, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret; namely the very best gingerbread cookie recipe on the planet! My grandma made it with oodles of gluten of course, but I’ve de-gluten’ed it and I cannot tell the difference in the slightest. -They are absolutely perfect! Read More

Oven Roasted Herb Potatoes with Crispy Skin!

I just love these little potatoes, with their crispy skin and creamy centre! They make the perfect side to any meal, and especially Christmas dinner! Read More

Cold but Warming Mulled Apple Smoothie to please the palate and soothe the body!

A seasonal favourite in new wrapping

Mulled apple cider is such a classic, and really does warm the cockles. But what if you want to cool the cockles? Or you’d like some fantastic health benefits along with the festive flavours?

Behold the Mulled Apple Smoothie; a real treat which does so much more than just entice the tastebuds! Read More

Seasonal Brussels Sprouts Sautéed with Garlic, Cranberries and Almonds

A feast of flavour and colour!

The best companion to our delicious Norwegian Christmas Meatballs which were posted on the blog two days ago, is a generous serving of crisp and flavourful sautéed brussels sprouts with almonds and berries. Such a firework of colour and flavour, and perfectly in tune with the Christmas spirit with its gorgeous vibrant green and reds! Read More

Frosty The Snowman Christmas Smoothie – A Tasty Treat With Incredible Nutritional Benefits!

It’s time for the third Smoothie in our Calendar!

This wonderfully frosty smoothie is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face, as well as a jolly treat in anyone’s belly! It’s fresh, creamy and super duper delicious, and makes for a great breakfast option, or just a nice little snowy treat. Read More

Norwegian Christmas Meatballs; The juiciest meatball you’ll ever taste!

A Holiday Classic!

Mmm.. these meatballs are seriously juicy and tasty! Read More

Very Scrumptious Baked Apple Pie Smoothie – With probiotic & Flu-busting side effects!

We’re opening the second door of our smoothie calendar.. find a Baked Apple Pie Smoothie!

With its fragrant, sweet and warm taste of apples and cinnamon; this is the perfect smoothie for the cooler months. You will most definitely recognise your favourite pie as you take a sip of this delicious drink, and you can rejoyce in a multitude of nutritional benefits along the way. It is especially good for your tummy! Read More

Glittering Cranberries – The perfect Christmas Food Accessory!

Sugared cranberries make gorgeous decorations on any baked goods during the holidays! They sparkle as light reflects in the sugar crystals, and really add a sense of Christmas with their bright red variations. Read More

Kick off the Silly Season with this Yummy Pumpkin Pie Protein Punch Smoothie Bowl!

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin pie?

To kick off our smoothielicious advent calendar, we give you an old favourite in new and fresh wrapping: the Pumpkin Pie’s healthy little brother!

I really love this smoothie; it actually has that delicious pumpkin pie flavour to it so you can get your Pumpkin Pie fix, but minus the calories! 🙂 Read More

Drink In The Holidays with our fantastic 12 Smoothies of Christmas!

12 smoothies of Christmas #smoothie #christmas #health #dairyfree #sugarfree #paleo #raw #glutenfree #fodmapdiet



This December is promising to be the most outstanding and delicious yet on The Gluten Free Lifesaver! I have a whole bunch of mouth-watering recipes lined up for you, and to kick it all off we are giving you this fantastic advent calendar jam-packed with healthy but (make no mistake!) Super Tasty smoothies!

Perhaps you want to leverage all the rich food with some healthier choices this Christmas, or you need a digestive to get your body through the silly season? Maybe  you are somewhere warm this Christmas, and you still want to enjoy the classic holiday favourites, but without the hot flushes? Read More

Happy Birthday Everyone; 2 Years of The Gluten Free Lifesaver, and we’re celebrating with an awesome new look!!


It’s been 2 years already!

I can’t believe it’s been two whole years since I worked out there wasn’t by far enough quality gluten-free resources in this world, and decided to do something about it.

As we celebrate 2 years of The Gluten Free Lifesaver, I can’t help but look back at how far we have come; the blog has evolved in content, purpose and size, and I have evolved into a healthier and more fulfilled person from having worked with all of you.

2015 promises to be our biggest year ever, with a whole bunch of new and exciting features!

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Lime and Greek Yoghurt Cheese Cake with Macadamia & White Choc Cookie Crust (phew)

Quite a mouthful, but a very tasty one!

(includes dairy-free, vegan and raw recipe options) Read More

Gluten-Free “Flours” just for laughs

Coeliacs disease, the new hayfever


(..actually, if those were GF they’d cost more than roses)

Fast & Fantastic 3 Ingredient Gluten and Dairy Free Protein & Potassium Breakfast Pancakes!

I want to introduce you to the worlds Best & Easiest breakfast!

These little golden nuggets whip up in three minutes, they are super moist and naturally sweet, and not to mention super healthy! With all the goodness of banana coupled with the protein and nutrients from the egg, little can beat these pancakes both on flavour and health benefits! Read More

Foam Rolling Is The Solution – For Both Active And Inactive Bodies!

Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

Muscle soreness?
Reduced physical function?
Poor posture?
Reduce range of motion (ROM)?
Weakness or stiffness?
Joint stress?

Then I suggest you read on! Read More

Crazy Good Raw “Peanut Butter Cup” Protein Bars (That taste every inch the naughty treat!)


Super Delish Peanut Butter Cup Protein Bars  - That taste every inch the naughty trat! #glutenfree #vegan #paleo #dairyfree #raw  #sugarfree #lowcarbThese healthy treat bars are absolutely made in heaven! They are gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, refined sugar-free, vegan and utterly ridiculously delicious! Read More

Delicious Chocolate Hamper Christmas Giveaway -with no gluten, dairy, sugar, nuts or artificial ingredients!



Big Christmas Chocolate Giveaway (dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, low GI) from Sweet William

My chocolate dreams have come true!

I have been introduced to a line of yummy chocolate in 18 varieties and flavours, which are all chocolatey goodness without the nasties! And you can win a whole hamper full of treats too! (giveaway at bottom of post) Read More

The shocking secret to health and weight loss! Why don’t we know this simple rule?

Written by Nick L. Pfeffer B.EX CEPS (bio at bottom of post)

We’re sitting ourselves to DEATH

The American Journal of Epidemiology showed that men who sat for six hours or more had a 20% higher death rate than men who sat for 3hrs or less..

But, with 8 hours a day in a job, 2 hours commuting, 8 hours sleeping and a couple of hours looking after kids or tending to chores.. where do we find the time?

That question is quickly turning into a common problem, as our lives are constantly filled with even more activities which give us even less movement. However, even if you are sitting down for most of the day, and you can’t get away; there are some very important and incredibly effective ways of catering to your body’s desperate need for activity. By following my simple exercise plan you can help your body cope with the strains of sitting down.

But why is it so terribly important that we keep moving? You might be saying to yourself: ” Can you tell me something I don’t already know?”We are sitting ourselves to death - Sedetary lifestyle solutions Read More

Bubblebutt or “thutt”? The office-effect and how to curb it!

Written by Nick L. O. Pfeffer B.EX CEPS (bio at bottom of post)

Thutts galore!

I know many of you are in my shoes; you spend hours on end in sedentary jobs, and you find it hard to keep your motivation and energy up to hit the gym after a long day at work. We all feel that way from time to time.

The trouble is, a sedentary lifestyle can cause far bigger problems that a rounded waist, and the now-famous “thutt” (rather unattractive butt-meets-thigh physique arising from the all too familiar office lifestyle). Not only does lack of movement put you at far greater risk of developing serious lifestyle related illnesses in the long run; but in the short run you can and will struggle with issues relating to shortening of muscle tissue, posture problems and a chain reaction of pain throughout your body. Read More

Nigella’s Moist English Coffee Cake with Walnuts: Made Gluten-free & Dairy-Free!


I’m not normally much of a coffee drinker, but the smooth taste of espresso with walnutty company, all wrapped up in velvet smooth buttercream.. well who can possibly resist! Read More

Oups, I did it again. .


That feeling when you swallow a delicious big bite of food, whilst simultaneously realising that it wasn’t gluten-free at all..

I just did, and I’m experiencing the mini-panic that surges through my body once the food is eaten and pain inevitably awaits. Nothing I can do now,  just buckle up and endure the ride.

I truly cannot repeat this enough: ALWAYS READ THE LABEL, even if you have indeed eaten it a million times before, read it again. Things do change, even ingredients in your favourite chocolate bar 😦

Wish me luck for the next week..

Kristine x

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