My Xmas Gift to You: Get My Brand New Gluten-Free Christmas E-Cookbook FREE in December!!



After many hours at my computer, I have put together a wonderful little Christmas present made uniquely for my newsletter subscribers! This gift is literally not available on the blog or anywhere else. It is exclusively made for you, and ONLY available in December!

>>>>Not a subscriber yet? Get access here!<<<<

It’s that wonderful and crazy time of year again, where gluten pops up in the cheekiest of places and temptation is everywhere..

The holidays can sometimes feel like a bit of a frenzy to even the most organised of people, and with coeliac disease or food allergies to top it off, it’s no wonder we can end up feeling a bit overwhelmed. But, in no way does coeliac disease have to dampen the joy and excitement of this wonderful season!

Great tools and good guidance help take the stress out of the preparations, and the festivities can be just as merry and happy as they ought to be! Which is why this year, I wanted to do something very special for you!

To show my great appreciation and love, and to help your gluten-free holiday preparations run just a little smoother, I want to give you a special gift this year.

I have put together a Christmas e-cookbook with a whopping 34 pages of luscious, mouth-watering, easy-to-make holiday dishes, just for you!! It’s totally free to download, and it is totally awesome 🙂

Download a FREE gluten-free Christmas cookbook!

It’s all yours!

It is literally a gift, free for you to download, print out and keep, so that you can go back to your favourite gluten-free holiday recipes, again and again, year after year!

I hope that this little Christmas e-cookbook can bring you lots of joy, and a little peace of mind, this holiday season!

Thank you SO very much for supporting my work by following the blog. You are the reason I put in all the hours, and I am ever so grateful for your loving support!

I wish you a wonderful gluten-free holiday!

Lots of love from
Kristine x 🙂

Ps: Thank you to all the hundreds of people have taken the time to answer my poll, and by that shaping this cookbook!!
download free Christmas gluten-free cookbook

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