The Best Gluten-Free Crusty French Bread (Baguette) Recipe!

A taste of French summers..

As a child, France was my second home. My auntie, uncle and cousins are from the south of France, and my childhood summers consisted of long, sweaty road trips through Europe, and memorable, extended visits in their Catalan village home.

I vividly remember the taste of fresh baguettes with cheese, on a blanket in the park. My aunt dishing out chunky hand-torn slices of bread, and juicy,sun-ripened melon that would drip onto our clothes. It tasted different -better, than sandwiches at home. Nothing has ever bettered those lunches, and I don’t think anything ever will. It was pure summer magic!

Auntie and I, horseback in France <3

Auntie and I, horseback in France ❤

My first French words were undoubtedly “une baguette s’ilvous plaît”, as I stood barely reaching the top of the counter at the local boulangerie, with 2 Francs in my pocket.

France was heaven on earth. Every summer was a life-long memory. It was in France that I learnt to swim, ride a horse and got my first kiss. France was the greatest and grandest in everything, and I never wanted to go home!

Gluten-Free French Baguette Perfection!

With coeliac disease came the great sadness of knowing that I would never again have those experiences. No more baguettes in the park, or auntie’s gorgeous Catalan dinners on the porch. No more croissants or pain au chocolat. In fact, I’m still a bit frightened about going there – the bread capital of the world, where every crumb is my enemy..

Lavende rin France + Recipe for perfect gluten-free baguettes

From my auntie’s garden

If I had to pick one single food item that I miss most as a coeliac, I would without a doubt say French baguettes!

I have tried an array of recipes, and many of them have just about got me there.. just not close enough. Until a friend gave me hers, and I was brought right back to that picnic in the park again! I have altered her recipe a little bit, just to make it as close as possible to the way I like my baguettes, but I simply cannot thank her enough for sharing her brilliant recipe with me!

This gluten-free baguette is surprisingly simple to make, and it is a dream come true!

They are soft and fluffy on the inside, and have a gorgeous, golden crust that crumbs in the good kind of way. You have no idea how much I enjoyed my breakfast this morning, with ripe camembert on warm pieces of freshly baked baguette!

I have dreamt of this so long; a tasty little piece of childhood memories -but entirely gluten-free! Just perfect!

The Best Gluten-Free French Baguette Bread Recipe! This bread is crusty and light, and SO close to the real thing! :) #glutenfree #celiac #coeliac #bread

This recipe is gluten-free, nut-free, lacto-ovo, lacto/ovo vegetarian, and can be made both egg- and dairy-free.

To make 3 gluten-free Frech baguettes, you’ll need:

Click on the image to find French bread trays online

Preferably a French bread tray which looks like this:

  • 470 ml white rice flour
  • 240 ml corn- or potato starch
  • 3 tsp xantan gum
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp yeast (preferably with vitamin c)
  • 50 grams egg white powder
  • 2 organic eggs from pastured hens
  • 350 ml 40 degree (celsius) water
  • 2 tbsp melted butter (or dairy-free alternative)
  • 1tsp vinegar

If you can’t find egg white powder, you can use 2 regular egg whites instead. If so, you must adjust the consistency with a little more rice flour.

Egg-free: You can also use an egg-replacer by following the directions on the pack.

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The Best Gluten-Free French Baguette Bread Recipe! This bread is crusty and light, and SO close to the real thing! :) #glutenfree #celiac #coeliac #bread Method:

  1. Mix rice flour, corn starch, xantan gum, salt, egg white powder (and vitamin , if it’s not already in the yeast) in a bowl. Blend well, or use an electric mixer.
  2. Make sure the water is at the right temperature, and stir in the sugar. Add the yeast, mix well, and let the mixture foam up to about twice its size. This will take about 3 minutes. Wonder how to activate yeast? Click here!
  3. Once you have successfully activated the yeast, you pour the mixture into the dry ingredients, and set your electric mixer to low speed with a dough hook attachment.
  4. Add butter, eggs and vinegar to the mix, and turn your mixer to high for 4 minutes. You can scrape down the sides of the bowl half-way through if need be.
  5. Grease your french bread tray with the leftover butter, and sprinkle a little rice flour over it. If you don’t have a Frnech baguette tray, you can place the bread on a regular lined baking tray. Alternatively, you can create your own baguette trays using tinfoil, which you line with parchment. This will keep the baguettes from rising out of shape.
  6. Fill your baguette trays using a spoon. The dough will not be as firm as a regular dough. Make sure you don’t over-fill the bread trays, as the baguettes will rise quite a bit. Half way is enough. Shape the baguettes with wet hands, and lastly cut diagonal lines into the loaves, using a sharp knife.
  7. Place your tray in a warm spot to rise. I like to fill the sink or a large oven tray with warm water, and place the breads over top.
  8. Preheat your oven to 180 c or 355 f
  9. Once the baguettes have almost doubled in size, you can sprinkle some flour over then and pop them in the oven.
  10. Depending on the size of your tray, your loaves will be done in between 20 and 35 minutes. Check that they have a golden crust and a hollow sound when you tap the bottom of them.
  11. Serve your gluten-free French baguettes whilst they are still lukewarm!

Do not cover your baguettes with plastic, as this will cause them to lose their crispy crust. Cover with a towel instead, and let them cool down on a cooling rack. 

You may freeze them if you do so as soon as they are cool, to preserve the freshness, however, these gluten-free French baguettes taste the very best when they are fresh out of the oven -just like “regular” French baguettes!

Bon apetit! 🙂

Looking for more delicious gluten-free bread? Check out my recipe for the World’s Best Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread!The Best Gluten-Free French Baguette Bread Recipe! This bread is crusty and light, and SO close to the real thing! :) #glutenfree #celiac #coeliac #bread

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8 Comments on “The Best Gluten-Free Crusty French Bread (Baguette) Recipe!”

  1. What do you mean by Vitamins in the yeast? I’ve never heard of this and do not know why it is necessary.


    • Hi Stephanie, I’m glad you asked that question because I’m sure a lpt of people might wonder 🙂 You can make this recipe without the vitamin c, but The ascorbic acid of the Vitamin C creates a reaction with the yeast that speeds up the rising process dramatically. That’s why you can find vitamin c added to quick ruse yeast etc. It is a good addition when baking gluten-free, as the yeast needs all the help it can get without the gluten. Hope that helps answer your question! -Kristine


  2. I have a query about the vitamin C – if my yeast does not contain vit C how much should be added to the 2 tbsp of yeast?

    I’m new to your site and think it’s brilliant – my grandaughter has recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and also coeliac disease, and I am experimenting with various gluten-free bread recipes. This morning I baked your GF Sandwich Bread and it is definitely the best so far, and got the thumbs-up from my grandaughter.

    As we live in France I am very keen to try the baguette recipe and hope you can help with my query.


    • Hi, Janet! Sorry for the late reply. A teaspoon of vit C should be enough. I’m very happy you (and your granddaughter) enjoyed the bread! Hope you’ve had a chance to try the baguette recipe also 🙂 -Kristine


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