Gluten-free at the outdoor theatre in Regents Park, London

Gluten-free theatre in Regents ParkTheatre under the stars

Ever since one of our first dates, about 4 years ago, my husband and I have loved the outdoor theatre in Regents Park. It’s a fantastic experience, every time, and makes for a perfect date spot.

There really is nothing like watching great acting and gorgeous singing under the stars, with the whispering of the trees all around you. It truly is magical, and really adds to the show!Gluten-free burger at Regents Park open air theatre London

The outdoor theatre in Regents Park is a serious setup. It’s a large amfi theatre with a permanent stage, that seats more people than I can count. We always turn up early to enjoy a barbecue and Pimm’s in the cute little picnic area they’ve got set up. There’s also a large bar and a seated dining area.

I have usually ordered a bunless burger, but on our last visit, to my pleasant surprise, they had started offering gluten-free buns!

I had a large and yummy burger with fries, and the oh-so-important Pimm’s. Awesome!

The evening usually starts out in a summery dress and ice cold drinks, but beware, it does get cold later in the evening. We have learnt always to bring a blanket and extra clothes. They serve hot drinks during intermission, and the seats are nice and warm, so there’s no need to feel cold.

I absolutely recommend visiting the “theatre in the park” this summer! 

You can visit their website “regents Park Open Air Theatre” here!

Have you got any great tips for summer activities in and around London?

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