Delicious Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Tiramisu with Strawberries!

Celebrate anything, with a decadent tiramisu!

There was an Italian restaurant in my hometown. The kind that has stood tall and busy for decades, without changing one bit of the interior or staff. The same old lady yelling in the kitchen, and the whole family waiting tables. Each their role, and always seemingly too busy.

The walls were painted with kitschy Italian scenery. Pillars, statues, fake flowers.. the works. There was ample room, tons of tables, full of parties and couples, enjoying each other and the ever-satisfying food. I never saw an empty table in that restaurant. It was always loud. people were always coming and going.

I’m sure every town has one. My husband always talks of his favourite Italian restaurant in The best gluten-free tiramisu with dark chocolate and strawberries! #glutenfree #dessert #chocolateAustralia, in much the same terms. There was the same atmosphere, the same neverending refusal to bow to the changing waters of time. The same loud lady in the kitchen, and the daughters waiting tables.

Just like the atmosphere, there is one other thing that never seems to change. In fact, I’d bet my bottom dollar that the first and foremost dessert on the menu was tiramisu.Just like at the restaurant back home. The glorious, ever-delicious tiramisu, which comes in many shapes and sizes, but which is always made -and eaten, with great love and appreciation!

I used to really miss tiramisu when I was eating out. It was undeniably a decadent favourite of mine, but the gluten-laden biscuit base made it an impossible treat to enjoy. I’d have to sit there, watching my party dip their spoon into their creamy desserts, and imagine what it used to taste like.

Then I found Schär Savoiardi biscuits! I didn’t know they existed gluten-free. You might already know them, and perhaps you’ve dived into the odd gluten-free tiramisu already, but I hadn’t. I have been in the dark on this awesome secret for so long!

Schär sent me a packet recently, and I didn’t waste a minute 🙂

Here’s a big cheers to the awesomeness that is gluten-free tiramisu! May this dessert take you right back to your own favourite local Italian restaurant!

The best gluten-free tiramisu with dark chocolate and strawberries! #glutenfree #dessert #chocolateYou’ll need:

(makes two large individual portions, or 4 small)

  • 150 grams gluten-free dark chocolate
  • 20 grams of butter or dairy-free alternative (not spreadable)
  • Approximately 8 gluten-free ladyfinger/savoy biscuits (I used Schär Savoiardi) – The amount depends on the size of the jar/glass you serve the tiramisu in.The best gluten-free tiramisu with dark chocolate and strawberries! #glutenfree #dessert #chocolate
  • A pinch of salt (I like to use Maldon salt, which I crunch up with my fingers)
  • 175 ml strong coffee
  • 20 ml (or more if you like it stronger) coffee liqueur. You can also use sherry (I did) or dessert wine
  • 2 large eggs from pastured hens (read about the benefits of eggs from pastured hens here) If you can’t get pastured eggs and you’re worried about eating raw eggs, you can use pasteurised yolks and egg whites, or egg white powder.
  • 50 grams white sugar
  • 350 grams mascarpone
  • 100 ml whipping cream
  • a handful of fresh strawberries, sliced
  • a tsp of cocoa powder for decoration

The best gluten-free tiramisu with dark chocolate and strawberries! #glutenfree #dessert #chocolate


  1. Start by separating the eggs. Whip the yolks with the sugar until it’s white and creamy, then add half the liqueur.
  2. Stir up the mascarpone in a separate bowl, until it is soft. Gently fold it into the egg mixture.
  3. In a separate bowl, whip the cream into firm peaks, then fold it gently into the mascarpone mixture.
  4. In yet another bowl, beat the egg whites until they stiff peaks form. Stir a few spoonfuls into the mascarpone mixture, the gently fold in the rest. Cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  5. In a bain marie, gently melt the chocolate and butter. Once melted, mix in the coffee and the rest of the liqueur.
  6. Gently dip your gluten-free ladyfinger biscuits into the coffee mixture, and place them on the bottom of the serving dish.
  7. Once you’ve covered the base of the dish with ladyfingers, use a tablespoon to spoon over some more coffee mixture to really soak the biscuits.
  8. Remove the mascarpone mix from the fridge and spoon over the biscuits. Add slices of strawberries, then repeat the process if there’s more room in your dish.
  9. Once you’ve completed the layers, gently sift cocoa powder over top, and decorate with strawberries.
  10. Leave in the fridge to set for about an hour (or more) before you serve it.

You can serve this dish with extra strawberries, a gorgeous Italian coffee on the side, or, in fact, some more of that lovely liqueur!

Buon Appetito!

The best gluten-free tiramisu with dark chocolate and strawberries! #glutenfree #dessert #chocolate

Disclaimer: Schär provided me with the biscuits, but have not paid me for the post.

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8 Comments on “Delicious Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Tiramisu with Strawberries!”

    • Thanks Pat! Yes, it’s so nice to finally be able to eat it again!! Can’t get too much tiramisu! -well, I’m sure my hips would beg to differ. But it’s worth every bite! 🙂


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