Look What I Found; Delicious Gluten-Free Salty Liquorice!

Super-salty Gluten-Free Dutch (Scandinavian) Liquorice!!

Have you been looking for gluten-free liquorice by any chance?

I recently spent a few days in Oslo (Norway) where I hosted a workshop about blogging (so much fun!), and on the way home I found something delicious (and gluten-free of course) at the airport!

As a Scandinavian, I simply cannot live without salty liquorice. Did you know that most liquorice is made using wheat flour, by the way? Oh, how I miss my Allsorts..

Anyway, I was looking for super-salty adult liquorice to bring home with me (as it is almost impossible to find outside of Scandinavia), and I found a brand I have never seen before at Oslo airport Gardermoen. Namely this Dutch variety called “Van Slooten”. Super yummy, actually quite cheap, and with a big bold “gluten-free” label on the front!

-You wouldn’t believe it, but I had trawled through the whole ingredient list before I even noticed the massive gluten-free statement on the front ha. I guess I’m not used to things being so absolutely fantastic!

Highly recommended (I already finished one of those giant packs..), and also free from artificial ingredients.

Well done Van Slooten!

3 Comments on “Look What I Found; Delicious Gluten-Free Salty Liquorice!”

  1. i did not know licorice is made from wheat! I wonder if that brand is available here in Canada, would love to try it


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