Festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cake Bites

These gorgeous little Christmas Cake Bites are a fun and decorative alternative to the traditional Christmas Cake! Perfect for parties (or portion control), these little pieces of festive fun are sure to be a great success!

Festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cake Bites! #christmas #cake #glutenfreeYou can use any Christmas Cake recipe, such as my Decadent and Moist Dark Chocolate Christmas Cake with a Scandinavian Twist, and you’ll probably find that this version is even easier to make; both because you get away from complicated tin-lining, and because the icing becomes a breeze!

Instead of making your Christmas Cake in a regular round cake tin, make it instead on a lined baking tray.


Once cooled down you can decorate with one layer of rolled marzipan and one layer of fondant icing. Baste the cake with jam before you lay the marzipan on top.

Cut the cake into little bite-sized squares, before you decorate them.

I used red fondant icing to roll little holly berries, which i pushed down upon with a skewer to make a decorative groove. I then used parsley for holly leaves, but you can make these from green fondant if you please. I sprayed the cakes lightly with food grade gold spray, before I placed them on a serving platter.

Super fun, quick and easy and very yummy!Festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cake Bites! #christmas #cake #glutenfree

4 Comments on “Festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cake Bites”

    • You know what, this is the first traditional Christmas fruitcake I’ve ever made, so I haven’t used anything else before 🙂 however, you could use just the fondant, or ganache first then fondant. You could also use buttercream, or chocolate mixed with copha. Just remember that perishable toppings will alter the shelf life of the cake. If you’re using buttercream or ganache, I wouldn’t frost it until it’s time to serve it. As a more lasting option you could try a pure chocolate “lid”, using melted chocolate. That should last well in room temperature, and it would seal the cake. If none of the above sound tempting, you could always leave it bare with just a dusting of icing sugar and some lovely glazed fruit and nuts on top!

      Hope that helps, and I would really love to hear about the end result!



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