Why Not Make a Sparkling Snow Globe This Christmas?

I love a beautiful snow globe, and they are so easy to make yourself!

All you need is a mason jar, glue, artificial snow and some glitter, and an ornament to put inside the jar. I used Christmas trees in my snow globe, but you can use pretty much anything!How to make a gorgeous Snow Globe! #diy #craft #christmas #winter #snow

How to do it:

Firstly, make sure that the ornament you choose is a good size for the jar.How to make a gorgeous Snow Globe! #diy #craft #christmas #winter #snow

Secondly, make sure you choose artificial snow that doesn’t require you to add water in it, or your snow globe will develop condensation, and perhaps even mould. Just use the fluffy, shredded plastic stuff you get at the dollar shop, or something similar. The fancy Hollywood grade snow that looks real but requires addition of water doesn’t work so well for this purpose.

Simply glue your ornament(s) onto the lid of the mason jar, wait for it to dry completely, then pout snow and glitter into the jar and screw the lid tight. You can even glue the lid if you’re afraid of kids opening it.

Shake it lightly and let the snow fall onto the ornament, and just like that you have made a wonderful magical snow globe!

What do you think?

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