Holly Jolly Cocktail made with Homemade Christmas Spice infused Vodka

This wonderful little drink puts the jolly into any Christmas party!

This festive cocktail uses our Christmas Spice Infused Vodka as a base (click link for the recipe).

You will need:

  • Chilled longdrink glasses
  • Crushed ice
  • Orange peel
  • Sugar syrup (2 cl per glass)
  • Your homemade Christmas Spice Infused Vodka (4 cl per glass)
  • Cranberry juice (6 cl per glass)Holly Jolly Cocktail made with Christmas Spice infused Vodka
  • A squirt of lemon in each glass
  • A twig of rosemary
  • Cranberries for decoration

Fill your long drink glasses with crushed ice, and add a piece of orange peel. In a mixer, gently stir sugar syrup, Spice Infused Vodka, cranberry juice and lemon juice, with ice cubes. Pour over the crushed ice, stick a twig of rosemary into each glass, and decorate with cranberries!


For a non-alcoholic option, you can boil the spices from the infused vodka recipe with the sugar syrup and use it in the cocktail in lieu of the alcohol

Happy holidays!

This recipe was featured in the December issue of Yum. Gluten Free Magazine

The Gluten Free Lifesaver Featured in Yum. Gluten Free Magazine's Christmas Issue

2 Comments on “Holly Jolly Cocktail made with Homemade Christmas Spice infused Vodka”

    • Thanks Pamela 😊 Not at all stupid! The measurement cl is short for centiliter, centi as in 100. There are 10 centiliters in 1 millilitre (milli=1000). The cl measurement is quite often used to measure alcohol in drinks. In Europe, a standard drink contains 2 or 4 cl of spirits depending on the country’s regulations. Hope you’ll enjoy the recipe, and thanks for your comment!


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