We have a winner!

Thank you everyone for participating in the big Sweet William Chocolate Hamper Giveaway  -The participation really was overwhelming! I guess we all love chocolate 🙂

We have a worthy winner of the giveaway! Her name is Amy, and she was randomly selected amongst a well of wonderful participants. This is what Amy wrote on our wall:

“This would be perfect for my son. Kids bring Birthday and Christmas treats to school and it’s nice to have a box of goodies in the classroom he can choose an alternative from and still be included. Allergic to most foods, Sweet William is something he can happily enjoy and our number one go to treat!” 

Congratulations Amy, may the Chocolate Hamper bring lots of joy to your family this holiday season, and we wish you all the best!

Amy has since written on our Facebook wall, and this is what she says about winning the hamper:

“Thank you so much I was the lucky winner of the sweet william hamper- we have 3 boys 2 are dairy free and 1 is gluten free so it is going to make their christmas! Trying to find treats for them and keep traditions (such as hot chocolate on christmas eve and chocolate in the stockings christmas morning) had been made so much harder with the diet changes this year but thanks to you and sweet william we will be able to manage it which is a joy and a relief! Merry christmas!! And thank you again!”

Sweet William dairy-free gluten-free nut-free allergen friendly sugar-free natural Chocolate


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