Happy Birthday Everyone; 2 Years of The Gluten Free Lifesaver, and we’re celebrating with an awesome new look!!


It’s been 2 years already!

I can’t believe it’s been two whole years since I worked out there wasn’t by far enough quality gluten-free resources in this world, and decided to do something about it.

As we celebrate 2 years of The Gluten Free Lifesaver, I can’t help but look back at how far we have come; the blog has evolved in content, purpose and size, and I have evolved into a healthier and more fulfilled person from having worked with all of you.

2015 promises to be our biggest year ever, with a whole bunch of new and exciting features!

We’ve come a long way together

Two years ago I was 1 year into my coeliac diagnosis, and still very much struggling to get better. The two years prior had been the toughest of my life, and I felt a strong calling to use my journey for something greater than I could yet imagine. My conviction was that I must find a way to own it, or it would own me. I endeavoured to reach out to those who felt as overwhelmed by life-changing gluten-related disorders as I did, and I thought the best place to start was a blog.portrait.me.ing.kitchen.em copy

I had no blogging experience, no photography experience, and no clear path before me. All Ihad was a burning desire and devotion to my cause, and a determination to lead this journey of healing on its way out into the world of gluten-free. If you have followed me since my early days of blogging, I am sure you can see how my skill-set has developed, and how our community has grown. I am so incredibly thankful today, for everyone who has supported me, encouraged me and followed me, so that I have been able to keep The Gluten Free Lifesaver burning and growing for everyone to enjoy!

Exiting times ahead!

To mark our two-year anniversary I have given the blog a fresh new look, with more personality, better design and easier navigation. There’s even a few new exciting features, like a new professional Health & Fitness expert; Nick, our new category “The Gluten Free Gentleman” which is especially designed for our male audience, and we have even launched our concept into Scandinavia this autumn!

Our third year will be bigger and better than ever! We are putting more focus on over-all health, introducing a children’s section of the blog, opening a gluten-free web shop, and I will be launching my very first cookbook which will be made available to our email subscribers before it is published to anyone else!

Above all else I want to extend a big and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been my loyal readers and supporters these last two years; without you there would be no Gluten Free Lifesaver, and without your eager interest and support I wouldn’t be able to grow this concept in order to help more people. I am truly very humbled and grateful for your support, and I hope to be able to deliver you more and more quality content in the years to come!

If you have any ideas, thoughts or comments, please share them so that I can give you more relevant content! I have included a contact form below this post, where you can contact me directly and privately. I would absolutely love  to hear from you 🙂

Let’s make 2015 the best year ever!!

Thank you so very much!

Love from Kristine x

Kristine was captured by: Emily Archbald Photography Logo

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