Oups, I did it again. .


That feeling when you swallow a delicious big bite of food, whilst simultaneously realising that it wasn’t gluten-free at all..

I just did, and I’m experiencing the mini-panic that surges through my body once the food is eaten and pain inevitably awaits. Nothing I can do now,  just buckle up and endure the ride.

I truly cannot repeat this enough: ALWAYS READ THE LABEL, even if you have indeed eaten it a million times before, read it again. Things do change, even ingredients in your favourite chocolate bar 😦

Wish me luck for the next week..

Kristine x

2 Comments on “Oups, I did it again. .”

    • Thanks Pat,

      I hadn’t had an accident for almost 6 months, so I’m very angry with myself for not taking better care. But to my defence, the shop had placed regular chocolates with the gluten-free ones, so I wasn’t all to blame 🙂

      I’m getting through it with lots of tea and epsom salt baths!

      Thanks for your concern!



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