I Heart these Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Mint Slice Biscuits!

Crispy chocolate biscuits topped generously with smooth mint cream, and dipped in molten chocolate.. Oh my word!

On a day like Valentine’s there has to be chocolate, always chocolate. But because there was chocolate last year and the year before, and probably the year before that.. how do you top it this year? How do you trump something so perfectly delicious?

By layering it in the doubles and triples, and adding elements of sweet surprise and utter addiction; that’s how you top chocolate!

I absolutely LOVED Arnott’s Mint Slices before I was diagnosed. I discovered them when I lived in New Zealand in my early twenties, and I used to be lucky enough to have a pack (or two) sent up for Christmas in Europe every year thereafter. I kid you not, I could happily consume a whole pack of those puppies in a single day with (preferably) no help whatsoever.

When coeliac came along, Arnott’s went out the window to great despair. Probably not a bad thing for my waistline, but still a terrible misfortune for my sweet tooth. Mint Slices was on my list of most missed gluten items for a very long and sad time. Until I discovered that I could make them at home, and even better and tastier at that! Probably also quite a bit healthier without all the additives and palm oils and what have you.

Chocolate covered mint slice biscuits

I have found a gluten-free substitute here in Australia as well by the way. They’re called Minton from Leda Foods and can be found at Coles supermarket (and most likely also elsewhere). They are a perfectly good Mint Slice Biscuit substitute, and I don’t mind if I have the odd one now and again.. If you’re just coming off Arnott’s you’ll taste the difference in your first bite, but trust me the hesitation won’t last long.

However, if you prefer the top notch version, I sincerely recommend trying your hand at these homemade unbelievably delicious and moreish Mint Slice Biscuits! They are ridiculously tasty and very, very tempting, and although they of course are a calorific party in your mouth, they are decidedly healthier than any pre-packaged alternative. I use real ingredients and certainly no preservatives. These Mint Slice Biscuits are a treat for sure, but a treat with a conscience.

Chocolate covered mint slice biscuits

For about 24 biscuits you’ll need:

Biscuit base:

  • 100 g butter or non-dairy equivalent, cut into cubes
  • 135 g of all purpose gluten-free flour, sifted
  • 20 g of unsweetened, organic cocoa
  • ½ cup of caster sugar
  • 1 egg yolk (can be substituted for vegan egg replacer)

Peppermint cream filling:

  • 100 g butter or non-dairy equivalent, softened
  • 3 cups icing sugar, sifted
  • 2 tsp milk or rice milk (soy milk tends to leave some flavour, but can be used if you don’t mind)
  • 2 tsp peppermint essence

Chocolate cover:

  • 400 g dark organic, gluten-free (or even dairy-free) chocolate (or carob)
  • 50 g copha/ vegetable shortening made from coconut
  • Or: 450 g of compound chocolate (such as for example Nestle melts)

Nb: Pure chocolate won’t harden sufficiently in room temperature, so use compound or add some shortening.

Chocolate covered mint slice biscuits

Biscuit base method:

  1. Mix butter, sugar and egg yolk in a food processor until smooth and fluffy
  2. gluten-free mint slice biscuit recipeSift cocoa and flour together, then add it to the mixture. Keep mixing until a smooth dough has formed around mixer attachment.
  3. Divide the dough into 3 equal parts, flatten each part slightly and cover with cling wrap. Place in fridge until cold all the way through (approx 1 hour)
  4. When the dough is cold, preheat your oven to 180 c or 350 f
  5. Place one portion of dough on a sheet of baking paper, and place another sheet on top. Use rolling-pin to even the dough out to approximately 0,5 cm.
  6. Cut circles with a 3 cm diameter cookie cutter (or any size you want); it is easiest to simply pull excess dough off from between the cookies and bake on the sheet you’re working on.
  7. Place first tray in oven for 10 minutes (NB: know your own oven – pay attention to the first tray!)
  8. Start on the second piece of dough whilst the first one is baking, and continue the procedure.
  9. Let the biscuits cool slightly before you place them on a cooling rack.

Peppermint cream filling method:

  1. Use an electric mixer to beat the butter with icing sugar until it is fluffy and white.
  2. Add peppermint essence and milk, and keep beating until it is smooth. If it comes out too wet or dry, you can easily regulate by adding icing sugar.
  3. Place in fridge until the biscuits are completely cold

Chocolate cover:

  1. Melt chocolate and copha together slowly in a double boiler on the stove, or in the microwave at 10 second intervals, making sure to stir in between. Chocolate can burn if exposed to high heats, so be gentle and apply some patience.
  2. Let the mixture cool down until it’s thicker, about the temperature of your skin, but you can still dip your cookies in it.

Putting it all together:

Spread about a half teaspoon of peppermint cream (or more if you like) on top of each biscuit base, then place biscuit on a fork and lower gently down into the tub of melted chocolate. Place each chocolate covered biscuit onto a lined tray, and place in the fridge or someplace cool to harden.

These delicious biscuits will keep for a week or two in the fridge in a sealed container, but can be kept at room temperature for a day or so, or even longer in colder climates. Make sure your container seals properly, or you can even cover with cling wrap first, before you put the lid on the container, for extra seal. You can use food grade silica sachets or some plain, dry rice in the container to keep moisture out of your container too.

With my incredibly satisfying chocolate mint extravaganza, I am quite ready and set for a sweet Valentine’s. In fact; this will be the last Valentine’s with my boyfriend, as next year he will indeed be my husband!

What are you doing for Valentine’s this year?


10 Comments on “I Heart these Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Mint Slice Biscuits!”

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  2. Pingback: Gaynor Alder Fab Resources for People Living with Coeliacs Disease & a Gluten Free Diet » Gaynor Alder

    • Hi Ben! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had bad luck with the recipe. I’ve made this recipe many times without trouble, and I haven’t had any similar feedback. Sometimes gluten-free recipes need tweaking depending on the flour you use. Different gluten-free flour mixes can have very different qualities. Unfortunately there is no two mixes entirely the same. Perhaps try an other flour mix, and see if that helps? I will try the recipe with another flour next time myself, and see if I have the same problem! Thanks for the feedback 🙂


      • It’s possible I didnt follow the recipe properly!! Just wanted to point it out and see if you’d made a mistake but if you’ve had no other issues then its all good 🙂

        You say these last a week in the fridge, but they have egg in them, so shouldn’t I be freezing them? Do they freeze well? BTW they tasted incredible thank you so much for this recipe.


        • That’s alright, I’m happy to get feedback 🙂 they’ll be totally fine in the fridge for a week. No worries. Just make sure you have a sealed container so that you don’t get condensation on them. I haven’t tried freezing them, but I’m sure it would be fine! I’m glad they tasted nice! 🙂


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