Gluten Free Fresh Pasta; Yes, you can buy it in the shops!

Nothing beats fresh pasta. However fantastic the dry stuff is, it just doesn’t come close. Going gluten-free initially makes for grim outlooks as far as fresh pasta is concerned. No more popping’round to the shops to pick up a quick and easy piece of pasta heaven. Even making it from scratch is tricky when you remove the gluten. After all, gluten is the glue!

In my early days as a coeliac I went to the desperate lengths of acquiring a fully automatic pasta maker. It looked a little something like this:

And what a mess I made. There’s nothing “fully” automatic about this thing. It requires constant babysitting as the dough gets stuck on the sides, can’t move through the processor, needs more water or more flour (usually every other), comes out too oily, cracked or not at all, gets struck to each other, dries up before it gets to the water, gets cooked at different times (because the pasta is just ridiculously sloooow in the making), or my favourite; dissolves into the boiling water after all that work. Once the meal is well and truly over, the work certainly is not. This thing has a million parts, all with very clingy and gluey pasta dough stuck into every nook and cranny. It doesn’t come off willingly. The manual recommend placing it in the freezer to aid the process. What, my giant commercial-sized freezer with nothing else in Β it perhaps? Needless to say, this colossal piece of junk sits in the cupboard a lot.

Oddly, coeliacs aren’t the only ones who struggle with pasta. Just take a look at what the gluten-eaters amongst us are getting up to:

Thankfully, I have since discovered that going gluten-free is by no means the end of fresh pasta. Crazy attempts at pasta making aside, beautiful fresh gluten-free pasta now comes snap-frozen in a ziplock bag! I’ve found a brand called “Pasta al Naturale” who produce an astounding selection of fresh-frozen gluten-free pasta. Their range is extensive, and includes everything from your everyday fettuccine to ricotta-filled ravioli and beef tortellini. They have stockists all over Australia, and even a factory outlet in Victoria.

I recently made a lovely pasta dish, quick and easy, using the Pasta al Naturale Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with a simple all-natural tomato sauce from a jar. 8 minutes, a few slices of good Parmigiano and a bit of parsley later, and I had a super serving of healthy fast-food! Admittedly I’ve only tried their one product, but apart from their really rather annoying “master pasta maker” song that plays on and on and on on their website, I’m really pleased with this brand and look forward to trying more of their products.

Buon apetito!

Gluten free fresh pasta



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14 Comments on “Gluten Free Fresh Pasta; Yes, you can buy it in the shops!”

  1. Just as “Joy in the Heart” stated… wish we could get it in the US. Just love this blog… you always have such great new products and ideas to share. Thanks so much!!!


  2. Hello!

    I accidentally found your blog today when I searched for a glutenfree Hoisin sauce and was so happy! Thank you for sharing this recipe! πŸ™‚

    Now I looked a bit through your blog and came on this post here. I live in Amsterdam and wondered if they ship to Europe but apparently they are not existing anymore. But that isnt even my question. I want to know from you if you ever managed to make GOOD AND TASTY GF PASTA! And then I mean GOOD GOOD GOOD. I am spoiled. Whatever I tried until today is horror. I am happy with my bread baking, happy with everything I can make or that is offered, but pasta is a complete nightmare to me.

    And another thing: I cannot imagine this is possible but who knows: Have you ever tried to make Oyster sauce yourself? Impossible to find a gf version here.

    Curious! πŸ™‚


    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comment!

      I do make a bit of gf fresh pasta myself actually, but I have found a lot of brands that do the job better πŸ™‚ However, I will take your request to heart and post a gf pasta recipe when I get a chance! I will also look into the oyster sauce. I haven’t had a look at the ingredients.

      Lovely to hear from you!



    • Hi there,

      I believe I have found your comment on the pasta, and I have rescued it from my spam filter πŸ™‚ You can revisit the pasta post to read my reply

      Thanks for your feedback!



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