Vegan, Low FODMAP, Failsafe and Gluten Free alternative to Honey!

Erykah Badu once said that “Honey isn’t really that good for you”

…and if you are vegan, low FODMAP, allergic, on a Failsafe diet, macrobiotic diet or simply under the age of 12 months, Ms. Badu is quite right. Honey has a lot of health benefits, but as with every other food, these benefits are not universal.

Personally I’ve been missing honey. I’m actually a big fan; I believe in its healing qualities and I always used to take a spoonful of honey rather than lozenges for a sore throat (or even apply it to wounds for that matter), not to mention sweeten my tea and bake with it. Since going low FODMAP and embarking of the Failsafe (elimination) diet I’ve had to give up honey, and no matter what they say; golden syrup does not cut it. In fact, golden syrup only makes me feel like I’ve eaten pure sugar with a spoon, and it doesn’t taste anything like natural honey.

I’ve been searching for a decent alternative, and yesterday I came across Rice Malt Syrup. I’m sure Rice Malt Syrup comes in all shapes and sizes (brands), but this one happened to be the first one I came across, and I really like it!

Rice Malt Syrup – Tastes a bit like honey!

PureHarvest’s organic and gluten free Rice Malt Syrup is completely natural and made from brown rice. It is vegan, has no added sugar, colours or flavours, no preservatives and is non-GMO. Also, it is practically fructose-free, and contains soluble complex carbohydrates, maltose and a small amount of glucose, giving it a low glycemic index. Best of all; it tastes quite a lot like a mild honey! I am very excited to finally have a decent honey substitute!

I bought mine a Coles, but you can also find this product on PureHarvest’s website.

Do you know of other good alternatives to honey? Please share!


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2 Comments on “Vegan, Low FODMAP, Failsafe and Gluten Free alternative to Honey!”

  1. Thank you, as a reluctant but desperate FODMAPPER have been searching for the right kind of subsitute sweetner for honey, to use in classic cold cure of honey, squeezed lemon and fresh ginger. Maple syrup, golden syrup and treacle are not the right kind of flavours for this nor are they soothing, so it was great to find your recommendation of rice syrup and that it tastes like mild honey. Hope it as comforting. Thank you, may have saved the day.


    • Hi Heidi,

      Lovely to hear from you!

      Yes, I had the same problem, and was so excited to discover brown rice syrup! I hope it works wonders for you!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂



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