Life is Saucy with Itha’s Gluten Free Gourmet Sauces! (Product Review)


Just add some sauce to your life

I just love it when I find Gluten Free products that aren’t a “substitute” for an otherwise gluten’ed counterpart, but rather an amazing product in its own right regardless of it being made with or without gluten! This is precisely why I love Itha’s Gourmet Dessert Sauces so much.

There is not one ounce of compromise made in the making of these luscious sauces. Each with their own distinct flavour and aroma, filled with real ingredients such as fresh cream, butter, Ivory Coast dark chocolate, hand scraped vanilla pods, liqueur and Australian brandy. Trust me, it is very hard not to simply stick a spoon in it and eat the whole jar!

Take for example Itha’s “Naughty Irish Cream”, a super smooth sauce that I can spoon out of the jar, and dollop onto whatever I’m eating to give it a bit of a wicked twist. With just a hint of brandy and liqueur accompanying a rich creamy aroma, my mind drifts to hot coffees with baileys or liqueur truffles. Very delectable indeed!

I used Itha’s Irish Cream Sauce as a filling for my homemade chocolates, and sure enough it worked a charm! Goodness me are they naughty, and oh so sweet..

Next up I’d like to introduce you to “Magical Mocha”, somewhat of a favourite of mine! I do love dark chocolate with a hint of coffee, and that’s exactly what this sauce presents me with. Once again creamy to perfection, just in between scoop and pour. Australian brandy pokes through ever so subtly, and Ivory Coast Dark Chocolate makes this yummy dessert sauce terribly hard to resist. I dipped my freshly backed ginger cookies in it..

Last but not least, say hello to my new favorite ice cream topping; “Brandy Butterscotch”! To be fair, it’s surely a bit too luxurious only to feature as an ice cream topping, but what’s life without a bit of decadence now and then?

Brandy Butterscotch really lives up to its name; I can practically taste the fresh cream each time I open the jar. I love butterscotch when it’s made right, and this dessert sauce certainly is. I adore that it doesn’t harden on my ice cream, but rather spreads and softly covers it in a blanket of deliciousness. Brandy Butterscotch could easily feature as another filling to my homemade chocolates, as a topping for a fancy fruit salad or even in a cake. Quite versatile, and very, very tasty!

All three sauces are award-winning, each achieving an impressive gold medal at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards. I think it’s fair to say that Gluten Free in this context is a brilliant bonus for us coeliacs, but that these fantastic dessert sauces from Itha’s Gourmet Foods are wonderful products irregardless!

And can I just say, I love the names!

You can buy Itha’s dessert sauces online at, and can you believe it; they ship world-wide!

This post was sponsored, however every word is a true reflection of my genuine opinion. I do not accept sponsored posts from brands or products I would not otherwise recommend.

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