Very excited to be Blogger of the Month in “The Modern Womans Survival Guide”!

Blogger Of The Month - Kristine from The Gluten Free Lifesaver

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Can you believe it?

I’m not sure I can! I certainly consider it a grand complement and a great privilege to be featured as Blogger Of The Month in such an acclaimed and brilliantly successful online magazine as The Modern Womans Survival Guide. I can’t believe they picked me out of all the talented and wonderful bloggers out there, and I’m humbled by the opportunity to share my story with their readers!

I must thank creator and editor-in-chief Gaynor Alder and journalist Kylie Triggell for inviting me to speak openly about coeliac disease, and by that contributing to awareness. This interview was a fantastic opportunity for me to shed some light on a few common misconceptions about the condition, as well as share genuine experiences that many of us have in common.

Coeliac disease aside, The Modern Womans Survival Guide is such a great site! It is home to a myriad of fun and useful information and entertainment that appeals specifically to women. Gaynor Alder is a talented and inspiring person whose accomplishments I admire, and I am thrilled that she has taken notice of Thank Heavens and decided I was worth a feature.

I hope you like the interview, I sure am excited about it!



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2 Comments on “Very excited to be Blogger of the Month in “The Modern Womans Survival Guide”!”

  1. So wonderful that you have been recognized as Blogger of the Month for such a great mag. It is an honor that is well deserved. Your posts are fun, informatve, very interesting and look so inviting that I practically salivate just looking at
    your photos. Please keep doing what you do so well.


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