Happy National Celiac Awareness Day USA!

Happy Celiac Awareness Day USA 09.13.2013

Even though every day should be a celebration of celiac awareness, the official Celiac Awareness Days around the world are possibly the very best opportunity we have to help the world understand more about the disease, and push development in the right direction. Although we all do our bit to raise awareness every day by informing our surroundings, today is the day we can go that extra mile and leave a decent footprint!

I think it is imperative that we ALL pull our weight and make a mark on this day, and even if you can only do a little; every little counts! After all, that’s the least we can do.

What will you do to raise awareness today? Here are some suggestions:

  • Buy and wear celiac awareness products like pins and bracelets to show support and help funding
  • Host a tea party! Ask your friends to bring one guest each, and everyone has to bring a gluten free item. This means they will have to go to a shop and seek it out themselves ahead of the tea party.  Share your story and help people learn the truth about celiac. The bonus is they will all be astounded by how yummy all the gf treats really are, and it’ll be a lot of fun!
  • Go to your local cafe or restaurant and talk to them about celiac disease and cross-contamination. They will learn, and you might have helped many future patrons!
  • Post a celiac awareness badge to your Facebook, website or social media profile! You can use one of these:

Happy Celiac Awareness Day USA 09.13.2013 Happy Celiac Awareness Day USA 09.13.2013

National Celiac Day is a gift to the celiac community, and one that we should appreciate and utilize. It is also a great celebration of our community and all of those who have fought for awareness throughout the years. It’s not long ago that options were slim and information was even more scarce than today! We have come a long way, but there are miles and miles yet to go. YOU and I can play a part in progress, and make life even easier for our children and grandchildren.

And remember; you don’t have to be celiac to show your support or to celebrate! Maybe this is the day when you seek out information for yourself!

I’m sure a lot of you have some great ideas as to what can be done to raise awareness. Please leave a comment to let everyone else know!

Happy Celiac Awareness Day USA!

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