The Ultimate List of Allergen-Free Ice Cream Recipes! (with or without an ice cream machine)

Eat lots of ice cream, it fixes almost everything!

Unless it contains gluten. Or dairy, or eggs, or nuts or soy of course. But I’ve got that sorted for you!

Behold a fairly comprehensive list of awesome cool deliciousness that all fit the bill for common food allergies or intolerances!


I love my ice cream maker. Just last night I whipped up the most delicious Espresso Gelato. It took about 20 minutes all up, and I still have a big tub in the freezer (ehm, I just had some for breakfast).

You see I’m on an elimination diet right now, and when I say elimination I don’t mean that lightly. I can have close to nothing of anything. All for a good cause of course, and I’m happy to be doing it, but sometimes you need ice cream.

I know I’m far from the only one who can’t just “pop to the shops” and pick up a tub of the cold stuff, but after seeing this list why would you!

I’ve done most of the work for you; I’ve found the recipes, checked them for the most common allergens and categorised them to make it easier. Little warnings like soy or nuts will show in the pop-up together with the name of the ice cream. Just beware that some of the dairy-free and vegan ice creams still say “chocolate chips”. I left those in the categories because you can opt for vegan or dairy-free choc version or leave them out all together.

I know that there are a lot of other allergies and that some of these recipes will contain one or the other, but my aim was to at least cover the main categories so that your search for the right options could be made a bit easier.


Don’t have an ice cream maker?

You can still make ice cream with either of these awesome methods:

The recipes I have chosen are all gluten free, although you must of course do your bit to check your ingredients. Many of them are even OK on the RPAH Elimination diet (where I’m at right now), like that famous Espresso Gelato I mentioned earlier (decaf of course).

It might be worth mentioning (just in case, like me, you can’t have neither dairy, soy, almond or coconut milk) that rice milk can be substituted in most of the recipes that don’t require a high fat content. There’s rice milk with added chickpea protein that is even easier to work with.

I hope you enjoy this gorgeously yummy list of frozen treats, and perhaps you’ll come back time and again to experiment with new recipes. In the end, making this list was so worth the effort!

Have you got a favorite Allergen-Free Ice Cream recipe that you think should make the list? Please comment!

x, Kristine


Gluten Free Ice Cream with Dairy and Eggs

Note: the WordPress gallery doesn’t allow for individually linked images,
so I’ve included the link to each recipe in the captions

Gluten & Egg Free Ice Cream



Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free (vegan) Ice Creams:


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