Be Kind to Yourself with an Almond, Orange & Banana Smoothie!

Be Kind To Yourself Smoothie by the Gluten Free Lifesaver

So kind..

 A smoothie that will give you back that spring in your step (pun intended)!

We just had the first day of spring down-under, and every day I can feel summer coming closer. Gosh I can’t wait!

It’s been such a loooong and wet winter (no offence to those of you in the northern hemisphere, I know you’re cold). I feel as though it has rained for 6 months straight and I’ve had it! It’s high time to bring out the juicers and blenders again, and more than anything it’s time to get those vitamins and nutrients into your skin and begin working on your summer-glow!

If you’re up north; fill your body to the brim with all the fruity goodness and take that summery energy with you into autumn!

Be Kind To Yourself Smoothie by the Gluten Free Lifesaver

Complete and utter yummyness!

This fantastic velvety smoothie has everything you need, so go ahead and fix it up in the morning to get you started with a kick!

You’ll need:

1 sweet orange
1 ripe mango, sliced and peeled
1/2 banana
1/4 cup almond meal
1 golden kiwifruit
5 tbsp yoghurt (or dairy free substitute)
crushed ice (if your fruit wasn’t already frozen)
1/4 cup orange juice

It’s the ultimate love in a blender; it is beautifully kind to your body and your mind!

Enjoy 🙂


12 Comments on “Be Kind to Yourself with an Almond, Orange & Banana Smoothie!”

    • Hi Zoe,

      I am craving summer like you wouldn’t believe 🙂

      Before you know it stores will be flooding over with mangoes. I remember trying to put them in everything last year to make use of it all lol.

      Where are you located?



  1. This looks so delicious and refreshing! And I’m jealous of your impending spring 🙂 That’s my favorite time of year, so much promise! Though I do like fall, too. Probably because I’m a pumpkin addict.


    • Thanks Dana!

      I really can’t wait for summer now. I’m craving some beach time and sun on my (all too white) skin! But yes, autumn is beautiful in its own right. And so is winter.. I do miss a bit of snow!


  2. The orange almond banana smoothie looks delicious, can I use just almond milk, or is it better with yogurt? Also is there any substitute for the Mango, they are a bit hard to find in Melbourne at the moment. Will definitely give it a try.


    • Hi Gillian!

      Yoghurt will give the smoothie a bit more thickness and a tangy flavour, but you can definitely use almond milk if you prefer that. You could also use soy or coconut yoghurt, or even create your own yogurt using almond milk!

      To replace mango you could use pawpaw (papaya) or buy fresh-frozen mango from the freezer section at the supermarket. Pawpaw has a slightly milder flavour, but because of the similar soluble fiber content to mango it will give a similar result both in consistency and nutritional values.

      Hope it works out for you! If you come up with a good twist then please come back and share 🙂



  3. Thank you, will try the paw paw. Do you have a recipe for Yogurt made with Almond milk, I have a yogurt maker that you fill with boiling water, and place the mixture in a lidded container, in the water, for 8 hours.


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