Sydney Expo Recap – What’s New in Gluten Free!

sydney expo

Sydney expo

I’m still full! Full of cake, information and fantastic new ideas for the blog!

What an experience. It is genuinely hard to describe the joy that filled the room throughout the expo weekend. Coeliacs of all ages with their trolleys in tow, practically throwing themselves at the myriad of choices. Such a fantastic initiative for the coeliac community, and an absolute haven for all of us! I particularly enjoyed observing the children as they felt the freedom of no dietary restrictions. Nothing off-limits for once, imagine the excitement!

Gluten Free Expo Sydney 2013

The expo grounds in its opening hour

The gluten free expo in Sydney last weekend was a whirlwind of food, people, brands and groundbreaking information. It is so inspiring to see this ever-growing event explode with life and selection. I found myself looking around the arena pondering on what the future holds for us coeliacs at the rate this is going!

One of the coolest things about this expo for me, was meeting some of you guys in person! It’s not often I get a chance to put a face to the name! I just wish you could have all been there, and we could have had our own little Thank Heavens meet-up; How fun. Maybe next time!

I really want to share some of the highlights of the event with you, especially the research and new products available. My favorite speaker at the event was Dr Jason Tye-Din. He did an amazing job at presenting his research in a comprehensible and simple way, allowing people from all walks of life (even children) to really understand the inner workings of coeliac disease.

Dr Jason Tye-Din

Dr Jason Tye-Din

Some highlights from Tye-Din’s presentation include:

  • Recent research shows that 56% of Australians are susceptible to coeliac disease (have the HLA-DQ2 and or DQ8 gene).
  • 75% of people with coeliac disease don’t know they have it!
  • Almost 200 000 Australians may have undiagnosed coeliac disease
  • Coeliac disease prevalence is 4 times higher now than 50 years ago!
  • Research into drug Budesonide shows gut healing within 6 months for coeliacs!
  • Hookworm infection suppresses coeliac autoimmune response by “tricking” immune system!
  • Chemotherapy treatment for refractory coeliac disease
  • Enzymes may be used to treat coeliac disease symptoms by breaking down gluten (watch video)
  • Your body can heal itself! Hungarian study shows reversion from childhood coeliac disease seen in 1/5 of adults eating a GF diet! Dr Tye-Din explains how 1/5th of subjects who were re-introduced to a gluten containing diet showed no signs of villous atrophy (nb: just a study, don’t start eating gluten just yet)
  • The Nexvax2 vaccine gives hope and aims to restore patients tolerance to gluten.

Another great speaker was Dr Sue Sheperd, who successfully explained the difference between IBS and CD. Her research in the areas of irritable bowel and FODMAP responses is groundbreaking and valuable to GI sufferers.

dr sue sheperd

Dr Sue Sheperd

One of my magic moments at the event was (don’t laugh) visiting the cafe.. everything was gluten free!! I could actually order absolutely anything on the menu, what a wonderful feeling of normality! Being able to have exactly what I felt like rather than having to eat what is decided for me felt amazing. It almost made me well up to watch all my fellow coeliacs line up to finally eat by choice! Giant bonus!

Gluten free cafe - expo

Aaaaaall gluten free!

Last but not least of course was the unbelievable abundance of products available. I was introduced to a lot of new brands, and I can’t wait to share some of them with you.  Just look at the pile of products I have lined up for reviews (patience..)

Sydeny Expo Products

To be reviewed… Hang tight!

All I can say is hang tight; there are some fantastic new products coming up on the blog! 

All in all a brilliant weekend. Best of luck to everyone who’s headed to the Melbourne expo in September, and of course every other gluten free expo around the globe. They are coming on strong. Only wish I could be at all of them!

What about you, are you going or have you been to a gluten free expo? What did you love and what didn’t you like quite so much? I’d love to hear your experiences!


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