TeaCupCakes, a Mad Hatter dash and Super-Cute Giveaways!


Mother-in-law popped by for a quick dinner-and-dessert visit yesterday, and I thought I’d bake something. I have become “that one who bakes”. I used the to be “that one who brings the fun” and now I bring cake. Not that cake isn’t fun. Just very different fun.

Coeliac started the cake thing. You know how frustrating it is to be at someones party and not be able to eat anything, not to mention having to explain to absolutely everyone and their uncle why you’re not touching the food. It’s always easier just to bring something. Plus, to avoid being the odd one out who eats out of a lunch box, I tend to bring a whole cake or similar. That way I only have to put up with a couple of old aunts wondering why I’m so stuck up that I only eat what brought.Image

-So I’ve become the one who brings cake. It’s nice that the focus turns from that “weird disease” I have to that “awesome cake I brought”. Problem sorted!

Last night I was in a bit of a hurry, and what better to turn to than cupcakes. Also, with a brilliant readymix one cannot go wrong. I like Mrs. Crimble’s “Home Bake Muffin & Sponge Mix”. Works every time.Image

Just the other weekend we stayed at the Westin in Sydney, and they kept advertising their “Mad hatter afternoon tea” Alice in Wonderland style. Posters were in every lift, on every desk and in every menu. It must have stuck because these cupcakes developed into somewhat of a mad hatter project.. (and a mad dash). It gave me the perfect opportunity to try these really cute silicone teacup cupcake molds! You just bake right in the cup-shaped silicone mold and serve on the accompanying saucers. Super cute! I’m giving away a full set of 4 cups with saucers too! (Details below the recipe)

In my gorgeous little teacups I made vanilla cupcakes with banana & raspberry. So sweet, so cute and very berry. I served them warm with real vanilla ice cream too. Needless to say, it was a hit 🙂

You can of course use any muffin/cupcake/sponge cake mix you like. I just happen to like Mrs Crimble’s. You can make any vanilla muffin into a raspberry/ banana cupcake like so:


Slice banana..


Stick banana slices in the top of the cupcake, then use piping bag to pipe mashed raspberry into the centre of the mixture.

Bake the cupcakes as per the instruction on whichever mix you are using. Usually it will take 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the cupcakes.



To win a set of these super cute TeaCupCake molds, simply comment on this post with a link to (or mention of) your very best gluten free cupcake recipe!

The winner will not only receive a set of TeaCupCake molds, but their recipe will be featured on this blog, as well as Thank Heavens’ social media accounts, all linked back to your page (or with your name/photo if you don’t have a blog), reaching tens of thousands of people.

The contributions will be judged on ease of making, originality and look, and the contest will run out July 2013.

I’m super excited to see  your recipes!



19 Comments on “TeaCupCakes, a Mad Hatter dash and Super-Cute Giveaways!”

  1. I love making Chocolate Mud Muffins. I just use the Macro brand Mud Cake mix and bake them in a muffin tin rather than a cake tin. I also ice them with chocolate ganache icing to make them extra yummy. They don’t last long though – my family loves them.


  2. Our family has more allergies than I can enumerate here- gluten being top of the list. Mouth-watering desserts that leave one’s sweet tooth satisfied are hard to come by or can be so labor intensive that they never get made. Thank goodness for Chocolate Pumpkin muffins- complete with a yummy crumble topping! They can be whipped up in a flash for unexpected company or enjoyed alone accompanied by a hot cup of tea and a book. I use Pamela’s Baking Mix ‘Pumpkin Loaf With Nut Topping’ recipe but divide the batter into a cupcake pan. I then sink 1-2 tablespoons of mini chocolate chips into the center of each cupcake before baking, and top it off with the crumb topping substituting chopped almonds for pecans (for our allergy reasons). Lovely presentation and everyone asks for the recipe! Enjoy!


  3. Love, love, love the cute tea cups!!! Great find and fabulous looking muffins to top them off. Just love your recipes and presentations– thanks for all of your efforts for the gluten-free community.


  4. I love any kind of cupcakes but have to have gluten free…sometimes hard to find them. Probably my all time favorite are Red Velvet…or maybe Carrot Cake…no I think Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting…or ,,,,


  5. What a lovely idea 🙂 My favorite cup cake would be orange poppyseed, and you can make it easily by using orange juice instead of water in the mix, and adding orange zest and poppyseeds to a vanilla mix, with a little honey for sweetener. You can even make a lemon drizzle for topping by mixing icing sugar with orange juice. It’s very popular in our family!


  6. I think this page is really good, If it ok, May I print some of your recipes out for a Rest Home as some people there are Gluten Free?
    I found some of the recipes good to try myself.


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