I think it’s time for a popsicle..!

Iced Tea Popsicles by Thank Heavens

Sydney is pretty chilly this time of year, but I don’t mind at all! I live in Queensland so my Scandinavian blood craves the odd winter reminisce.

Just now I’m in my room at the Westin, curled up on a giant soft armchair and looking straight at the clock tower of the old General Post Office. It chimes every gosh darn 15 minutes, but it’s so damn gorgeous that it can get away with it!

westin clock view

(click image for source)

The sun feels low and has that unmistakable white winter glow,  and every time I move up and down the hallway I get a most familiar chill. It smells just like autumn, and I wanna wrap myself up in it! The radio’s playing “didn’t know I was looking for love until I found it”, and I swear they could be singing about winter. Didn’t know I was looking for it until now. In fact, the only ghost frequenting this old post office building today is the ghost of Norwegian winters past.

trondheim winter

My hometown Trondheim wrapped up in snow. Sigh. (sorry, unable to locate the source)

I just visited the motherland, and it was anything but cold. Whilst we’re making good use of the infamous UGG-boots down under, the Euros are strutting their stuff on the beach and making summery lemonade out of sometimes damp lemons. In fact, my hometown was nothing but hot throughout the majority of my stay! We even encountered freakishly high temperatures in the otherwise modestly tempered Trondheim. Take a look at this:


..yes, that is celsius!

I had the most amazing stay. I saw most nothing but sun for a full month! I think it’s obvious that a show was put on in effort to win back a certain favorite citizen (!) Oh well..trondheim temperature

I spent 5 whole weeks amongst mums home-cooked meals, midnight sun, siblings little tiffs and old friends catch-ups. Oh bliss. But all good things must come to and end (before they drive each other crazy), and Oz sure makes for a warm welcome even in the midst of winter.

And for all things warm, indeed there should be a custom popsicle! My contribution this time is a sweet-sweet-iced-tea pop!

This little miracle will bend and fold your taste buds whilst gently whisking away that summer sweat from your brow. A rather grown-up popsicle that soothes a sunny itch. -That is whether you’re in the heat of it all, or simply back in oz curling your cold toes in those UGGs just wishing..

To start off you will need to make up a batch of my Totally Perfect Iced Tea (with a secret ingredient) – click on link for recipe. I might be biased but OMG – best iced tea on the planet!

Sweet Iced Tea  Sweet Iced Tea

Simply find yourself a suitable popsicle mold. I have come to like this variety (totally not brand specific!):

popsicle molds

just a random example (click for source)

You can get these on ebay or amazon in all different varieties. I believe I bought the Norpro version which has a plastic lid rather than metal (plastic might be a bit easier to release from the frozen product using your hands). I like the Norpro molds, the only downsides would be that you can’t release one popsicle at a time (effectively), the metal parts shed some kind of dark stain when wet, and the wooden sticks need support to stay centred.

Some tips:

  • Don’t fill the molds all the way up or the lid will freeze onto the popsicles making it hard to remove.
  • Don’t buy wooden sticks along with your popsicle tray. I found them at OfficeWorks by the thousands for mere pennies by the name of “coffee stirrers”, right after I bought a hundred for a lot more on Amazon!
  • Although lemon slices look awfully cool inside the pops.. one word: yuck.
  • You can use clips (in this case clothes pegs) to position sticks, like so:
clothes pegs

..making it stick

  • When frozen you can pop them from the mold and wrap them individually in baking paper, thus making room for more pop-making, like so:
wrapped popsicles

Pops wrapped in baking paper sheets

And voila, you’ve got yummy, refreshing grown-up iced-tea pops!


iced tea popsicle

Iced Tea Popsicle


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