Celiac Disease and Migraines

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Celiac Disease and Migraines.

5 Comments on “Celiac Disease and Migraines”

  1. I remember sitting in a neurologists office after having a migraine so bad I lost consciousness (they thought it was a stroke) as well as a series of other neurological symptoms, and being told ‘yes, your MRI shows that you have numerous lesions in your brain, but they can’t be causing your neurological symptoms because of their location. In fact, we have no idea what has caused this but be grateful its not MS.’

    I challenged them on the cause and the reply was “The cause of these migraines is not important, what is important is treating the symptoms.” He then handed me highly dangerous and addicted anti-epileptic medication hoping it might work. I refused to take them, left his office and never returned.

    Fast forward six months later (after mentioning constant heartburn to my GP), I’m sitting in a gastroenterologist’s office being told I had coeliacs disease, an antibody count that is off the charts and complete villous atrophy. I told her about the lesions and the migraines and she said ‘well of course you do.’

    Not many people understand the link.


    • Dear Krystal,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are right, there are so many misdiagnosis and so many people who do not get the right answers. Sharing stories like yours helps raise awareness, and awareness is the only way forward.

      I am so glad you found your answers and I hope you are recovering!

      Best wishes,


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