Awesome & Easy Gluten Free Hoisin Sauce!


I just loove hoisin sauce!

Not much beats crispy duck rolls with a saucy hoisin wrapped around it like a velvety blanket of deliciousness! If only all hoisin was gluten free..

.. actually, I take that back. -If only all hoisin was as delicious as this Gluten Free one! It’s perfect!

For a “one-off” batch you’ll need:The most popular gluten-free hoisin sauce recipe on google au! #glutenfree #celiac #coeliac

4 tbsp GF soy sauce
2 tbsp natural, crunchy peanut butter (can use black bean paste, but I like peanut – and I like it crunchy!)
1 tbsp honey
2 tsp rice wine vinegar
1 clove minced garlic (I love these for convenience!)
2 tsp sesame oil (a bit more if you really enjoy the sesame flavour)
1 tsp crushed chili/ chili paste (I often use these)

I put everything in my little Philips Hand Blender Mixer (which I use for everything), and give it a quick whirl. The sauce comes out super smooth with little crunchy peanut bits still in it. I love it so much!!

Never buy jarred hoisin ever again, you’ll just end up throwing out the excess. Just whip up what you need, enjoy the freshness, and give yourself a good pat on the back!

How do you like your hoisin sauce, and what do you serve it with?


Update, February 2015:

This recipe has been the number one gluten-free hoisin sauce recipe on in 2014, and still is (at time of writing). I am SO happy you like it, which is why I’ve taken the time to revamp the images (and make some crispy duck to celebrate -yum) so that this popular post can remain totally worthy of your appreciation 🙂

Feel free to pin this pretty new banner, and THANKS for your support in 2014!!

The most popular gluten-free hoisin sauce recipe on google au! #glutenfree #celiac #coeliac

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34 Comments on “Awesome & Easy Gluten Free Hoisin Sauce!”

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  2. This sounds yummy! About how much does this make? Asking for a recipe, so I know if I need to double/triple. Also, have you ever cooked the sauce? Thanks !!


  3. Have you tasted the different soy sauces on the market?

    My favourite it Golden Dragon, and I am looking for a sauce that is closest to this one.

    Have a Joyful Day :~D


    • Hi Charlie,

      I think our taste buds are all different, and I’m afraid what I like might be different to what you prefer. I recommend finding a selection of sauces that are available near you and tasting your way to the one you like best. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the brand you mention. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help 🙂

      All the best,

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  6. This sounds really good and I think I will try it, but I have a question for you. Isn’t hoisin sauce a type of plum sauce (salty sweet notes with Chinese five spice) ? This recipe looks more like a peanut sauce. No matter what it looks really tasty and would go well with a lot of stuff. Thanks for the recipe 🙂


    • Hi Melissa, thanks for your feedback! Traditionally it is made with bean paste (as I mentioned in the recipe), making it more similar to a plum sauce like you mention, so you’re absolutely right about that. But it has become popular to add peanuts instead, especially with crispy duck, which I prefer. I’m not sure about the five-spice for this sauce; I haven’t come across a recipe with five-spice so I couldn’t tell you, but I’d love to try other variations if you have one! Thanks again for your useful comment! -Kristine

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    • Hi Jenn! It should keep quite a while if kept in a sterilised, sealed container. At least 10 days, if not more. Most of the ingredients have a long shelf life in the first place, so it shouldn’t be a problem to keep in the fridge for a while! -Kristine


    • Bean paste is a paste made out of black beans which is commonly used in Asian cooking. It’s usually gluten-free, but always read the label. You should be able to buy it in normal supermarkets in the exotic or Asian food section, otherwise look for it in oriental supermarkets 🙂


    • Sure, you can use chilli flakes! The best way to go is to start with a pinch and add more if you like it hotter. Spice is very individual. Chilli flakes can be quite spicy. You can try to grind them up a bit in a mortar first, so they mix in evenly!


  7. How close is this to Hoi Sin? Just wondering because of the peanut element. I make my own Char Siu, hoi sin being one of the ingredients but I need a gluten free version for my next batch you see. Although will try it sometime!


    • Hi there 🙂 A traditional hoi sin uses black bean sauce instead of peanuts. For your dish you should probably sub that, and you’ll have a perfectly good (and delicious) traditional hoi sin sauce! 😊


    • Hi Daniel, you can keep it in the fridge for a week in a bottle with a lid. It could probably last longer too, but that depends entirely on the expiry date on your ingredients, and also how you store it. Hope that helps, and thanks for reading the blog! 🙂


  8. Hi- I was originally wanting to make a thai peanut sauce but most recipes called for hoisin sauce (or some other ingredients that have lots of added sugar or gluten)! So I decided to look for a hoisin sauce at the grocery store-but I couldn’t find a hoisin sauce that was GF and free of added sugar. So then I stumbled upon your recipe. Is this more of a hoisin sauce or a peanut sauce? I’m just wondering if I could make this IN PLACE OF my thai peanut sauce and still get the same general taste of a thai peanut sauce. OR do I need to make this hoisin sauce and ADD it to the thai peanut sauce recipe that calls for hoisin…. if that makes any sense whatsoever! Any input or thoughts? THANK YOU !!


    • Hi Christy! Great question 🙂 I don’t know the recipe you’re working on, but because this sauce has peanuts in it and a great peanut flavour, I would assume you can sub this for the other sauce for sure! Just remember to make up the same amount in total. -Kristine


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