Be My Valentine : A True Treat From The Heart!



Love love love, is said to be all you need. I however, also need chocolate..

My fiancée is all the way over in Western Australia this valentines day. I woke up to this little surprise this morning:


Exciting, right? I only hope it’s him in there..

That being said, with my latest and very lovable discovery, who needs a man..!

As a coeliac I usually have two options when I’m out and about; the cookie or the brownie. And because I am coeliac I am supposed to be grateful that I in fact have food at all. I should certainly not pay any attention to the frequent and blatant disregard for even the most basic of requirements, such as flavour or texture. All in all, a gluten free item gets away with being average or below par, simply because we haven’t got the luxury of being discerning customers.

Well I’ve had it. I don’t want to settle for mediocre chocolate substitutions and poor excuses for a job badly done. There is absolutely no reason a gluten free brownie should taste any worse than it’s glutened counterpart, quite the opposite in fact. Here to prove it is the latest brave contender in a somewhat saturated brownie market; IHeartBrownies!



Yes, it is a brave feat taking on the jam-packed brownie industry. With so many contenders on the market you’d think that introducing yet another one would be but an elective exercise in upstream swimming. However, when your product soars high above the mainstream, and practically raises the bar in its wake, miracles are to be expected..

IHeartBrownies are a far cry from your average cafe brownie. Untouched by machines, eggs cracked by careful hands, and chocolate chopped meticulously to the point of sore fingertips, these little love-bundles of chocolatey affection soothes that lingering craving for something real. A sweet treat truly loved by its creator, wrapped carefully in the same kitchen it was baked, and sent off into the big bold world to fill our bellies and our hearts. A gift from the heart touches the heart I have been told, and this gorgeous little treat certainly hits the spot.

If you don’t wanna take my word for it, check out their fanmail!



IHeartBrownies have taken off from the onset, and are quickly kicking the loathed pre-packaged chocolate compound sorry excuses for a cake off of the cafe shelves. I say Amen to that, and I hope these little heart-shaped cake bites can deliver far more than they promise, by lifting the standard of baked goods provided for coeliacs! -Here’s to hoping anyway.

It needs to be mentioned that IHeartBrownies are truly and genuinely coeliac safe, and that they won’t hurt your tummy or break your heart.

My man might be on the other side of the country, but my valentine’s right here 😉


A list of stockists can be found on their (amazingly gorgeous) website:

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