I D&RE say I’m in Love..!

photo 2

Brownie from D&RE cafe

Oh glory, I have found love..

In a wonderful world, far, far away in my wildest dreams, I can pop into a random cafe and pick anything off the menu. I might even have a cold beer with my meal! In my wildest dreams, right?

Nope. Not any more!

On a recent trip to Sydney I took some time out to carefully sift the restaurant scene in search of some golden nuggets for true coeliacs. Sure, there’s plenty for the fadders. Gluten free options galore if your criteria stops at Victoria Beckhams latest diet tweet. If however you need your food to be fully, wholly and genuinely coeliac friendly, the options fade faster than the average new years resolution. I was plucking them apart one by one, and my emergency kit was slimming faster than poor Vicky.. when suddenly, boom, I found love!

dare cafe

D&RE cafe front The Rocks Sydney

D&RE cafe is by far the most fuss free, convenient and genuinely GF option I have had the pleasure of discovering in the great land of Oz! They’re not playing around. They know their wheat from their buckwheat, and they are believe it or not well aware of the ever-present dangers of cross-contamination. Imagine my excitement!

D&RE offers not only gluten free food, but preservative free and fair trade. The name is short for “Delicious & Responsible Eating”, and their philosophy is built up around using fresh and healthy foods.

D&RE is not “fine dining”, and I don’t want you to walk in there expecting fancy foam and white table cloths. Then again that’s not what we’re missing. I can walk into most any fancy restaurant and ask them to make my food coeliac friendly. What I can’t do is rock up at a cafe and dig into a gluten free kebab. We need more “kebabs”, and this is exactly what the wonderful people at D&RE are offering us. Normal food for a normal life!

dare w text1

Upon my visit I met with the lovely Maritca who did a great job answering all my busybody questions, whilst showing me around the very cute shop. Every question I had (and I sure know how to be a gluten free nuisance) was answered with satisfactory insight and a generous smile.

When all is said and done, the most important thing anybody can do to make us feel safe is answer our questions in a decent way. If we sense that you know what you need to know about coeliacs disease, we will be more loyal than an ageing golden retriever! That’s just how coeliacs work. If you can make us feel safe we will love you to bits. We’ll also probably be the most forgiving customers you ever had as far as everything outside of cross-contamination is concerned. Maritca passed with flying colours, what a lovely lady!

Even though I sure would have liked to, I couldn’t eat the whole shop. I did however try a brownie and a spinach & feta Turkish Pide.

dare w text2

In all fairness to the lovely people at D&RE, because I arrived at an inconvenient time I had to take my frozen Pide back to the hotel only to have it microwave heated by the hotel staff. The (silly) room service attendant actually heated my beautiful Pide still in the gladwrap because he gathered that not touching this crazy womans food probably would be the best bet (kudos for not contaminating me, no points for the melted gladwrap). That being said, gladwrap aside I was still in take-away heaven when I bit into that little piece of gluten free glory. Thank you very much D&RE for fulfilling my savory quick-fix cafe dreams, the wonderful smell of hot spinach & feta filling still lingers in my memory.. Please can you send some up to Queensland!

dare w text3

The insatiable longing for a hot, savory cafe meal that haunts us coeliacs, can possibly only be fathomed by another coeliac. Who wants fast food, right? We do! We want quality fast food, we want it available to us at any point the urge hits, and we do not for all the angels in heaven want to eat an other darned cookie when all we need is hot food! D&RE is the solution. It’s only flaw is that there’s not one shop on every corner of every city of every country on every continent.

In terms of scoring their food, I feel like I can’t possibly do their Pide justice seeing as it went through that rather painful reheat. I am convinced it would have been far better made in the D&RE kitchen, and it was after all pretty darned good, plastic frosting and all. The spinach&feta filling was flavourful and delicious, and the portion was generous. I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot down to D&RE for another Pide anytime, it filled all my take-away criteria.

The brownie was nice. A crispy, crunchy crust with a soft centre, quite rich and once again a generous helping. Not an exceptional brownie, but certainly no flaws. If anything, perhaps a bit on the sweet side, but all in all a good brownie.

I only wish I had more time in Sydney so I could have explored more of their selection. D&RE has a wonderful and abundant menu, jam-packed with delicious gluten free options. Quite frankly I would have eaten my way through the whole thing given a chance, but alas. Maybe next time.

You can see the menu for yourself on their super cool website where they also advertise their catering options. They could use a little help with the photos of their catered foods, it doesn’t do the food much justice, but the main site is lovely. Mind you, the website was nowhere to be found on Google using search terms like “Dare cafe Sydney” and the likes. If I didn’t have their card, I would have had no chance of finding the site. A shame, as their site is great and there must be plenty of people looking for them.

All the same, D&RE is my latest GF crush in Sydney, beating Madmex (which I still yearn for btw) to the finish line this time.

A brilliant and most welcome option for coeliacs in Sydney! Big thumbs up, and well done!

Food:     dice 5

Included kudos for availability and selection

GlutenFreendliness:   dice 6

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6 Comments on “I D&RE say I’m in Love..!”

    • It really was nice to finally find a company truly dedicated to “us”! I wish they and their equivalents were everywhere! That being said, NZ isn’t far away, perhaps they’re just looking for someone to take on the challenge? You? 🙂


  1. I am so jealous! I can’t wait to travel in Australia– based on this & what I heard from some Australians I met while travelling South America, I think it is going to be as much of a culinary adventure as anything else!


    • Australians sure are all about their food 🙂 A lot of the diet here is ideal for a coeliac; clean meats, seafood and plenty of Aussie grown fruit and vegetables. A huge organic movement too, and the biggest selection of GF foods (in shops that is) I have encountered anywhere.

      I’m not even Australian, so I don’t have to be biased!


      • You need to travel in Argentina! They have AMAZING gluten free selection, and Buenos Aires actually has a law that all restaurants MUST have at least one completely gluten free meal option. They are also SUPER intense about their preparation procedures– cross-contamination is unheard of!


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