Heavenly Mango Pops – Sweetened only by nature!

It just doesn’t get much easier than this!Heavenly Mango Pops by Thank Heavens

Simply juice a mango (or buy some fresh juice from the shops), dice a nectarine and pop these awesome ingredients into a popsicle tray!

Mango is bursting with flavour, nutrients and soluble fibre. A super pick-me-up for your tummy, and an energizing refill for your mind!

I love nectarines! I eat them ever day and can’t get enough of them! I prefer the white flesh version, and that’s what I’ve used in these popsicles. They are full of antioxidants and deliciously sweet.

You will find no sugar what so ever in these juicy popsicles, but you wouldn’t know it.

They are wonderfully sweet and satisfying!



4 Comments on “Heavenly Mango Pops – Sweetened only by nature!”

    • I just bought one of those huge industrial trays. Awesome!! You can get them on Amazon, but don’t get the sticks there.. I found a pack of 1000 sticks (called coffe stirrers) at Officeworks (Staples??) for a fraction of the price. -After I bought mine off Amazon of course lol


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