Mmmmm… Homemade Honey Ice Cream for Rainy Days – only 4 ingredients!


Amazing Homemade Honey Ice Cream with only 4 ingredients and NO added sugar!! #glutenfreeOh it’s a rough day. Fourth day of rain (which is a big deal here in the Sunshine State), bf away in (sunny!) Melbourne for work, I have a mountain of work on my desk and an even bigger mountain of washing to do. To top it off, in spite of the grey and rainy weather it is unbearably hot and muggy! It’s like all things ugly all at once..

Sitting here by my desk I rather feel like I’m back in London. The gloomy light, not quite day, not quite night, that lingers throughout the whole workday. It brings with it memories I’d almost forgotten, of big cups of tea, beefy stews and the ever-present Strepsils.

I quite like listening to the rain on the roof. There’s something ever so romantic about it, and melancholy when you’re far away from home. I wanna indulge in that feeling, absorb it and allow myself to live in it for a little while. Pretend I’m in the Northern European autumn. Technically I need a cup of tea. Hot honey teas are a sort of rainy-day comfort food to me. A cure-all. But I’m already sticky from the heat and humidity, so the idea of hanging on to a big mug of hot tea seems a bit silly.

Thankfully there’s cold Honey Ice Cream..

Amazing Homemade Honey Ice Cream with only 4 ingredients and NO added sugar!! #glutenfree

I found this beautiful recipe on 101 Cookbooks and couldn’t stand how gorgeous that ice cream looks in its majestic solitude on their picture. I’ve been pondering on it for days, licking my lips and hanging out to make it. A rainy day (or four) gives me the perfect excuse. So here it is..

You’ll need:

2 plump, moist vanilla beans
2 cups heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup flavourful honey (plus a bit more for topping..)

(Add 1 tsp of xantan gum if you do not have an ice cream maker)

Cut the vanilla pods and scrape out the seeds, then add them to a pot along with cream, milk and honey. Heat carefully whilst constantly stirring. Bring to the boil (just!), then cover and let sit for an hour.

When it has cooled down you need to transfer it to the fridge where it needs to be left until it is absolutely cold. No cheating, as a really cold mixture is paramount to the result!

Once it’s cold you wanna sift it to remove the vanilla pods, then pour it into an ice cream maker. If you don’t have an ice cream maker you can use a suitable cooled tin. Take it out of the freezer after an hour to give it a good blend, and again after about 4 hours for the last blending.

Personally I like to pour a bit of extra honey over top before i serve it up. Yum.

This ice cream is so ridiculously delicious it puts most others to shame. The gorgeous honey flavour on a blank vanilla canvas is just to die for.. I’m sorry to say it but I might just have ruined your regular Friday Ben&Jerrys (click link for B&J GF info).

Words are wasted.. just enjoy!

Amazing Homemade Honey Ice Cream with only 4 ingredients and NO added sugar!! #glutenfree

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26 Comments on “Mmmmm… Homemade Honey Ice Cream for Rainy Days – only 4 ingredients!”

  1. Kristine, this is a really beautifully written post, so evocative and lovely, and to top it all off you share the most gorgeous photos! That ice cream looks amazing. What a genius idea for a hot rainy day!


    • Thanks Dana, that means a lot 🙂 I’m struggling with the photography haha, trying to keep up with those fancy food bloggers and their monster cameras. I’m afraid my mobile phone camera won’t hit that calibre, but I’m darned well putting my two cents in.. I’m having fun trying anyway.


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  4. ohmygoodess. I NEED this! I have a feeling my ice cream maker is going to be getting a good workout this spring/summer! I’ve become oh-so-slightly obsessed!


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  8. I find it difficult to comprehend that someone with coeliac disease can even contemplate eating anything with lactose in, as I can’t even do that, but your recipe is clear enough, Well Done Though.


    • Hi Alan, thank you for your comment, and thank you for your kind words! You are quite right, most coeliacs have troubles tolerating lactose for a period until their villi is healed. However it is for most people sufficient to use lactase enzyme products to control the symptoms. As time passes and the gut heals, most coeliacs will be able to tolerate lactose again just as well as anyone else. Naturally if you have an allergy or specific intolerance to dairy, you cannot eat milk products in any case. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! -Kristine


  9. OK, it’s January in Chicago and it is supposed to go down to 20 below tonight, but I found this recipe on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try Homemade Honey Ice Cream! It is everything the author described. This recipe is wonderfully rich and creamy. The vanilla is decadent, if you use the vanilla bean (which I did), and then the sweet honey finish is heavenly. Polar Vortex? Who cares, we’re eating Honey ice cream!


    • Haha, what a delightful comment! Thank you so much for sharing, I’m really happy you enjoyed it! Gosh I miss winter, I don’t mind 20 below, and I certainly wouldn’t let it stand between me and ice cream 🙂



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  11. This is really delicious. I used lavender honey and garnished with drizzled honey, as suggested, and a sprig of fresh lavender. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.


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