O’Brien Gluten Free beer

Had these delivered from Dan Murphy’s (Oz).

Quite a rich premium lager, very trendy.

Brewed using sorghum and millet.


O’Brien beer from Rebellion Brewing

2 Comments on “O’Brien Gluten Free beer”

  1. As a fellow gluten intolerant person I agree that the O’Brien’s Gluten free lager is really quite nice. Many of the early gf beers such as ‘Silly Yaks’ were truly horrible. If you like beer but prefer to drink light alcohol, which as gf people we know is very hard to do, O’Brien’s also make a a light beer which I must say if my favourite of their range. I suggest that all gf beer lovers give it a go!


    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on GF beer! You are right, it used to be so hard for coeliacs to find good beer, but luckily that trend is about to change as we see more and more varieties hit the store shelves. Lets hope it continues!



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