Yellow Smoothie – Sunshine and Goodness!

Yellow Smoothie - Sunshine & Goodness!

The Yellow Smootie
by  The Gluten Free Lifesaver

Nothing says bright pick-me-up like this yellow smoothie!

I’ve previously praised paw paw and its unique ability to aid digestion and to give a glutened gut a helping hand (see: Soothie Smoothie – good for a glutened gut) Once again paw paw makes an appearance in this refreshing antioxidant explosion of a smoothie.

Accompanying the amazing paw paw are two other digestion helpers, namely the soluble fibre-rich mango and the anti-spasmodic mint.

The anti-oxidant boosters are represented in the shape of juicy mandarins and sweet nectarines, as well as the ever-fresh watermelon.

Yellow Smoothie - Sunshine & Goodness!

Ingredients for The Yellow Smoothie

This smoothie is sure to give you an uplifting start to the day, or a brightening wake-up to re-energize you in the early afternoon!

Half a ripe mango
One nectarine
One mandarin (peeled)
5 mint leaves
Two sizable chunks of sweet watermelon
 One two cm thick slice of a whole paw paw (seeds removed)
Ice cubes to taste

This mixture won’t need any juice added as the watermelon gives more than enough liquid.

Yellow Smoothie - Sunshine & Goodness!

Blending the Yellow Smoothie

The Yellow Smoothie boasts a smooth and almost tropical flavour. Mandarin gives a milder and sweeter taste than that of an orange, and both the mango and the paw paw add a creamy texture.

A super delicious and refreshing energiser!

Yellow Smoothie - Sunshine & Goodness!

The Yellow Smoothie


3 Comments on “Yellow Smoothie – Sunshine and Goodness!”

  1. Oh,’this smoothie looks beautiful! Seriously, your photos are gorgeous. I want to live where you live if the fruit looks like that. Especially the watermelon! I’ve never seen such vibrant mouthwatering fruit. Could be because I’m reading this in the dark in the middle of winter but I don’t think so!


  2. I agree with Dana@celiacKiddo…. The fruit looks absolutely amazing!!! Paw Paw is not something we find here in the States but I am certainly going to search for it in order to have that smoothie. I can almost taste it already!!!


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