Really? Gluten in regular coffee? Check it out!


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Could we really be drinking gluten every day?

I’m not a fan of spreading fear, and I don’t want you choking on your coffee right now. I do however believe in making information available so that each of us can form our own opinion. And why shouldn’t gluten find its way into my coffee? After all, it does have an uncanny way of popping up in the most inconvenient of places..

I remember my disbelief at the time I discovered that chocolate factories often dust their moulds with flour, and manufacturers of dried fruit sprinkle it all over their conveyor belts to avoid sticking. You didn’t know? Well there you have it.

Now what could possibly be worse than the idea of someone mucking with our chocolate? I’d say someone sneaking gluten into our coffee!

I’m not a big coffee drinker, it’s too hard on the body. I do however from time to time find myself weak at the knees over a steaming, flavourful, hot cortado. Ah, my favorite..

So will I have to wave old Joe good-bye? Is this one more sinful item added to the no-no list that seems prone to infinite scroll? Take a look at this very interesting blog post by gluten free Gigi that I came across this morning, and decide for yourself.

I will not be the one who yells and screams for you to give away your espresso machine or toss out your beans just yet. Whether or not you should give up coffee is not something I need voice an opinion on. Personally I drink it occasionally. I limit my intake because coffee is a stimulant that no doubt affects the gut. Even “normal” tummys react to coffee, and in a sensitive gut it may set of IBS-like symptoms which really is what we strive to avoid on a gluten-free diet. I will however make an effort to confirm that the brand of coffee I drink is in fact gluten free, and so should you. No different to what we would do with other consumables.

My mother always says: “Everything in moderation”.
I say she’s right.

NB: Different coffee manufacturers will have different procedures and labeling, and every country may have their own set of rules. Gigi’s post might be aimed specifically at the US, but it is always a good idea to check in your own area. All it takes is a quick call or email to the coffee manufacturer of your choice.

What do you think?

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