Thumbs up to Glutafin!


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I just want to mention that back in the UK I received a lovely heaping hamper of really rather decent gluten-free products from a company called Glutafin. For no special reason other than being a newly diagnosed coeliac!

On an otherwise grey London morning I received a bright surprise. It came in the shape of a neat basket-print box filled with gluten-free products, all nestled in wood shavings. Quite appetizing, and very clever.

Many companies send hampers in the UK as an introduction to your new life as coeliac, and in an effort to recruit new customers. Beyond a shadow of a doubt was Glutafin’s the best out of what I saw. I’d stretch as far as saying impressive.

Well done Glutafin!

3 Comments on “Thumbs up to Glutafin!”

  1. I am COMPLETLEY interested in this product. As you know yourself it’s hard to get things that are yummy to eat and easy to get!
    We’ve discoverd Schar in the last couple of years, but once again a product range that is really hard to get in our area. We often result to buying on line, which I dont mind as the range is AWESOMELY huge and accomodating.

    Does this brand above actually have somewhere to order on line that will send to Australia?


  2. Jules, I have received a reply from Glutafin and regrettably they do not export to Australia at present. However the request has been passed on to their marketing team.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but with any luck we might see them down-under at some point in the future 🙂

    – Kristine


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