This is what I keep in my car

car kit

Every GF needs a good car kit. I think so anyway.

My car kit contains the following:

A small chillybin (esky, cooler bag, freezer bag, call it what you want):
For anything that needs cooling, to or fro

Disposable cutlery:
Comes in unbelievably handy when all you can find to eat is a tub of shredded chicken from the supermarket.

Gluten free soy sauce:
One can always opt for sushi when nothing else is to be found. But what’s sushi without soy sauce?

Allows you to use any oven, any bbq, any grill, any cutting board, any plate, anywhere, any time. Good stuff.

Toaster tool or toaster bag:
I keep both. The toaster tool in the picture comes from the bbq section at Kmart and is great for crispy, hot toast. Can also grill other stuff on it if need be.

Happy camping!


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