Going somewhere?


I’ve fallen in love with Stayfit’s Ez-freeze line of food containers. Fresh food anywhere! 

I’ve got hot containers, cold containers, big containers and small containers. Let it be said that I love containers in general. My fiancee has been struggling on a daily basis to find which lid goes with what, and how the heck do I get them all into the drawer. It’s since been labelled, and he’s doing pretty dang good. For a man.

Stayfit have come up with the GF’s dream; containers that keep your food cold or warm (all things depending) for hours. This pretty much means that I can heat a pie at home before I go, pop it in my Stayfit hotpot, and enjoy a warm, fresh pie together with my friends hours later. In fact, the home-prepared version is usually a few notches better than what my glutened friends are stuck with anyway. Especially the pies.

The cold containers have lids or walls or both that you pop in the freezer. Keeps your salad, sandwich or cake for that matter fresh till you fancy it. Genius!

There might be many a brand with similar products on the market, in Australia Stayfit seems to be the most available brand. And their products are good, I like’em.

Bottom line is any GF should own some good containers. We will need to transport food at some point, and fresh is always better.

Google Ez-freeze and Stayfit, and you should find a supplier near you.

What do you think?

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