Flavorful feta and mango salad w ginger dressing


It’s mango season in Australia, and that means an absolute abundance of flavour and variety in shops around the country.

Coming from Scandinavia I never really had to mind the seasons, what we don’t have we import. So fruit selection seems much the same all year round. Moving down under means learning a few lessons. Like the time I bought oodles of limes, popping them in my drinks, leaving them to dry out and flushing them down the garbage disposal for a fresh scent.. only to discover they had been $1,78 each!

Thus I need to move with the seasons, learning what’s in and what’s out from week to week. Finding ways to use what’s on special rather than paying “special” prices for what I happen to fancy from day-to-day. Right now it’s mango. I never even knew there were different families of mango. In Norway a mango’s a mango pretty much. But here they’re so much more, and so much sweeter.

I love greens, in all variations, and I often do salads. Today I made use of the other half of a mango that was yesterdays dessert. And out came this yummy, flavourful herb and feta mango salad.

To make this fresh and tasty combo you’ll need:

Baby spinach
Baby chard
Coral lettuce
Carrot grated or chopped into strips
Basil; chopped
Parsley, chopped
Cucumber, diced
Yellow capsicum, diced
Sweet miniature chillies
Mango, diced
Fresh feta cheese

Ginger dressing:

Half & half water and vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp of mustard
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 clove garlic, crushed
Crushed ginger to taste

Chop the lettuce leaves slightly, it brings out the flavour and makes it a bit easier to much (even if it is the baby version). Add cucumber, carrot and capsicum. The herbs I usually put in a glass and stick scissors into the glass to chop them. Alternatively you can use scissors to cut the herbs straight onto the salad. It’s just easy that way. Add diced, sweet and ripe mango, and fresh feta from your preferred brand. Sprinkle the miniature chillies over the salad. Make sure you don’t add more than suits your taste buds, or it can get ugly.

The dressing is easy enough, just mix it all up and spread over the salad. You can always make up a bigger batch and keep it in the fridge for later.

This yummy mix of sweet mango, tasty greens and aromatic herbs
makes for a great summer lunch!

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