Hands down the best marshmallows I’ve ever tasted!

Airports (something I see a lot of) are usually a no-can-do for GF treats. In fact, travelling Sydney-Gold Coast today I couldn’t even track down GF lozenges, let alone anything edible. However, last week I had a little moment of thrill in newly renovated Auckland International, as I came across a tiny treasure of a lolly shop called Bennetts of Mangawhai.
Hand made chocolates as far as the eye could see offered a welcome break from the standard airport mass manufactured (and gluten filled) mega lolly bags.
Bennetts of Mangawhai seem to label the majority of their products GF, and at no cost to quality or appeal at that. Just the cutest products tickling the eye as they whisper pretty please with sugar on top to passers-by. I happily gave in to temptation and purchased no less than  two types of hand-made marshmallows, as well as a big chocolate bar.
I’m a big marshmallow fan, and fell for the vanilla/milk chocolate and the “very New Zealand” fejoa versions. I admittedly munched the former as though they’re going out of fashion.. by golly were they decadent! The softest, fluffiest, cloudiest melting moments my mouth has ever met. Little yummy squares of heaven, rolled in grated chocolate. Just right on all counts.
The chocolate bar was bought for my cocoa loving fiancée, and it went down a treat. All in all great stuff by Bennetts of Mangawhai!
If I am to complain at anything at all, it would be that their website doesn’t seem to be compatible with iPad. But it works just fine on a computer, and even includes a little web shop. It seems there’s also a Bennetts cafe in Mangawhai NZ. I haven’t been there so I can’t vouch for it, but if their shop is anything to go by I dare say it would be worth exploring.
For the best marshmallows in the world,  try Bennett’s of Mangawhai.

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