Fast food joy in Sydney


I had pretty much resigned to the fact that fast food is no longer an option. Not that I was ever a fast foodie, but it’s funny how much more appealing things become as soon as they’re off-limits.

Junk food or not though, sometimes I just can’t be bothered with another dang cookie! Yes yes, I am grateful to the wonderful GF cookie companies out there who make sure we at the very least have something to eat when out and about. But geez could I kill for a hot, savoury meal at times. In fact I’m sure it has made me well up more than once when hunger sinks its claws into me and all I can find to eat is yet another cookie.

However, last weekend I welled up for a whole ‘nother reason: Mad Mex!

Mad Mex is an Australian franchise chain of Mexican fast food shops boasting a majorly GF menu. Not only are they fast, available, savoury and Y-U-M, they are also very much a healthy option. Sure, you can opt to go crazy on the cheese and creme fresh, but even that choice will be surrounded by fresh lettuce, veggies, four options of meats or chicken, and the hottest, freshest soft tacos made by man. At least that’s how they tasted to me.

Two huge servings of tacos with topping of my choice. Cheap, fast and delicious. And what’s more, clean, trendy surroundings and a frozen Margarita machine! Good times.

I might mention that being extremely sensitive I’m always skeptical where handling is concerned. I asked at Mad Mex as I always do, and their knowledge of our needs were good. Changing of gloves between each customer and separate handling. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t get sick!

Both my thumbs up to Mad Mex, great stuff!

Food:    dice 5

GF friendliness:   dice 6


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