Great Japanese in Takapuna


All booked out on a Friday afternoon is usually a good sign. We had to sneak in between bookings, and I’m glad we did!

Kyo-ya in Lake rd Takapuna can be a little bit hard to find, and they don’t seem to have a proper website, but boy can they cook a meal! Understated and authentic interior, heavy on the wood and very “Japanese casual”, with open work stations and a clean environment. I’m a bit fussy on the clean part.. I quickly lose my appetite if my hands stick to the table and I have to sit on the last visitors leftovers. In fact few things put me off more than a sticky menu! However, Kyo-ya offered me a clean table and a happy waitress.

Kyo-ya are quite prepared for their GF clientele. They have gluten-free soy sauce at hand,as well as a basic knowledge of our needs. What they don’t know they’re happy to learn, and our waitress was pleasant, attentive and just generally awesome. We could see her explaining the situation to the chef, who promptly chose clean equipment, washed his hands and put on new gloves. They made sure my pickled ginger was GF, and were happy to let me use my own wasabi. The chef created a special sushi dish for me, and it was impeccable. I eat quite a bit of sushi, it’s always an easier option, and I’m picky with the fish. Kyo-ya served quality fish and well prepared nigiri. I might just add that my two non-GF friends were very pleased with their meals too.

Kyo-ya offers a quite casual and basic atmosphere, however I imagine it would be quite true to its origin. The food exceeds the expectations that spring from the design, and the overall impression is very good. Absolutely satisfied!

Food:     dice 5

GF friendliness:   image


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