A Gluten-Free Survival Kit



I like kits. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m the kit Queen. Anything that comes in small sizes and that can be organized into compartments; I’m on it.

I travel a lot, and before GF my big thing was travel kits. I could spend a surprisingly long time in travel shops finding little gems. When my boyfriend headed to a festival, there’s a festival survival kit. Keen to party? I’d bring my little pouch of stuff that might come in handy throughout the night. In the end I suspect my friends stopped thinking for themselves and just assumed I had it covered.

As I got increasingly more sick my kits evolved into miniature medical emergency packages. I always and forever carried a small toiletry bag in my handbag that contained anything I might need in case of illness. As my illness progressed I couldn’t leave the house without it, and it kept growing into this fairly chunky brick of an accessory that my boyfriend had a minor hang-up with. In fact as I got better, a sure sign of recovery was the shrinking of my kit. One day I actually left home without it all together, and neither of us could believe the day had come.

My medical kit has since transformed into a food kit. The major issues I face when out and about these days are thankfully not of medical proportions, but rather those of hunger coupled with frustration. It sucks not being able to eat when you’re hungry. Sometimes a meal is down to luck for a GF. We might eat if we happen to bump into a place that will serve us. If not, we can roam the streets and hit up numerous supermarkets before we finally resort to a banana.

My kit includes (but is not limited to)

  • A snack size pack of biscuits or rice cakes
  • GF pickled ginger
  • GF wasabi
  • soy sauce
  • a cup-a-soup
  • a muesli bar
  • dried fruit/ nuts
  • maybe a lolly of some description

Whatever you fancy and that comes in a snack pack size will do. The point is you don’t starve and your mood doesn’t bring down the room. The ginger, wasabi and soy sauce stems from the fact that wherever I go there’s usually the fault proof option of sushi as a last resort. However not all sushi restaurants have the GF accessories, and what’s sushi without soy sauce anyway. Just raw fish on rice really. First one good, fifth one not so much.

I also keep a bottle of soy sauce in my car, along with a plastic cutlery set, wet wipes, a box of crackers and tissues. Always prepared, much like a girl guide. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made use of that cutlery!

My fiancée keeps much the same kit in his car, you never know which one we’ll be driving.

You may not be as OCD as I am with my kits, and you may not take such crazy pleasure in organization and preparation. But I bet you’ll love your kit at the airport when everything consumable is either dipped in batter or wrapped in a sandwich!

-Kit Queen

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