Not impressed in Byron Bay



Nothing bugs me more than when self-proclaimed GF friendly restaurants fail to comply with their own promises.

It is completely OK not to have all the information, we’ll forgive you. Just please be honest about it. It’s hard even for a diagnosed coeliac to know all the in’s and out’s of this moody condition, I’m still figuring it out. I sure don’t expect every random waitress to be an expert, but for heaven’s sake don’t pretend; it makes us sick!

“Why Not” cafe in Byron Bay displayed a terrible example of ignorance coupled with arrogance as far as GF is concerned, when we visited a couple weeks ago.

Our recent weekend in Byron was lovely and sunny. On Saturday morning my fiancée booked a table for the four of us at Why Not cafe after reading about their GF options online. To be absolutely sure, he had them confirm over the phone that I would be taken care of.

As a rule I always ask a few security questions when I visit a new place. I have learnt the hard way how to ask the right questions, and I have figured out where most places go wrong. So as per my usual routine I asked the waitress about cross-contamination. I explained that I am extremely sensitive, and that even the smallest cross-contamination will make me very sick. The waitress assured me time and again that the GF options were completely safe and there is no risk of cross-contamination. I know that many don’t fully understand cross-contamination, so I quite often ask about the grill. The waitress was obviously bothered by my probing, and said that sure they use the same grill, but the grill is obviously very hot so it’s not like that’s a problem.

I had a smoothie. And a terrible one at that. Far better however than the two weeks of recovery their sandwich would have caused me.

Why Not? Arrogant waitresses, poor service and terrible smoothies. That’s why not.

Food (in this case a smoothie):     Dice 1

GF friendliness:                        Dice 1

2 Comments on “Not impressed in Byron Bay”

  1. I’m totally hearing you on this topic. There are so many places out there, it makes it hard to actually go out and eat.

    I would be interested to know more about your ‘secruity’ questions. We are about to go away to Queensland soon and I am in the process of ‘sorting’ out the ‘good’ places from the ‘not good’ places.

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice


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